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Looking for a special gift for somebody who's interested in astrology? The gifts section includes various recommended astrology books for gay, lesbian and bisexual readers (that can be ordered through Amazon).

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What's happening in your horoscope this week, or this month? Choose from various LGBT or LGBT-friendly astrologers to check out your stars for free!

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If you're looking for a personalized reading of your astrology chart (or that of a friend) please go to this directory which includes brief profiles and information about each available astrologer plus details about their qualifications, publications, websites, etc.

Aimed more toward the reader with intermediate or advanced knowledge of Astrology, this directory contains over 40 online Astrological writings about sex, gender, and-or sexuality, including articles about the planets and same-sex love & attraction, personal essays by astrologers about the coming-out process, and blog entries on topics ranging from Androgyny to Zeus.
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"The universe may be not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose" (J.S. Haldane, 1860-1936)

Scottish Capricorn Carol Ann Duffy appointed British Poet Laureate see her chart here Planet Neptune is associated with poetry. Duffy was awarded the Laureateship as her progressed Sun conjoined transiting Neptune on the Neptune discovery degree on her 6th House cusp
Taurus Buddhist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick enters the afterlife see her chart here The American "queen of queer theory" died peacefully as transiting Juno conjunct her 8th-House Jupiter in Pisces
Aquarian activists Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi save even more animals! Same-sex and same-Sign couple, Ellen & Portia (they're both cool & kooky Aquarians) have now become vegans... read more
Bisexual Barbie (Pisces Princess) turns 50!
With both her Sun and Moon in plastic Pisces (also the sign of the Princess archetype), Barbie Millicent Roberts remains the world's most popular plaything ... read more
Double Leo Gus Van Sant's film Milk wins Oscars
With his unaspected Sun plus his Moon (and Venus, Pluto & Mercury) all in masculine Leo, Gus Van Sant frequently explores themes of male angst in his critically-acclaimed experimental films... read more
Piscean Olympian Diver Matthew Mitcham - A born performer with his Pisces Sun ruling his Leo Moon, this openly-gay Aussie Platform Diver put on a brilliant show at the Beijing Olympics, winning Gold for Australia... read more
Canadian Capricorn Bruce LaBruce releases Indie Horror Flick - The Berlin story of gay punk zombie Otto (complete with an amazing soundtrack by Crippled Dick Hot Wax) is currently wowing the festival circuit (while Pluto transits LaBruce's Mercury)... read more here
Moody Cancerian Amelie Mauresmo out of Beijing Olympics
The French tennis champ has the fiery & sporty combination of Jupiter-in-Leo at the apex of a fixed T-square pattern, all on her midheaven no less ... read more about her and more lesbian stars
'Triple Libran' Augusten Burroughs releases another relationship memoir
The author of Running with Scissors is promoting another story about his dysfunctional family. This time about his father: A Wolf at the Table... read more
Scorpio crooner kd lang releases 'Watershed' album
Does kd lang know that Scorpio is the 'fixed water' Sign that rules desire (?) because the highly-anticipated new album by the 'Constant Craving' singer-songwriter is called 'Watershed'! ... read more about her and more lesbian stars
Scorpio Dan Mathews makes animal rights activism oh-so-sexy - The PETA 'Rabble Rouser' has released his autobiography, Committed. With all three Fire planets prominent in his chart plus a triple Scorpio stellium this animal rights activist is a spirited and livewire campaigner with endless passion for his cause ... read more
'Queen' Julian Clary Bares All for Bears
Gemini Julian Clary looks like a picture as he sits on a throne – stark naked, except for a teddy bear strategically placed to cover his "crown jewels" – in PETA's new ad condemning the killing of Canadian black bears to make caps for The Queen's Guards. You too can help save the bears by signing the petition > here
Gemini rocker Melissa Etheridge on Revival Tour
With Pluto on her North Node (in a very challenging Mutable Grand Cross pattern) this Grammy Award-winning rock singer-songwriter & musician experiences one regenerative phase after another ... [read more]
Brothers & Sisters actor Luke Macfarlane comes out at 28
Canadian Capricorn actor Luke Macfarlane has come out in an interview with The Globe and Mail. Macfarlane - who plays gay character Scotty in B & S - was born with the Sun at 28 degrees of Capricorn, meaning astro-logically that he would probably experience an important (and very public) life changing event at this age. And indeed, now he's a gay star on the rise!
Aries 'Rocket Man' Elton John continues Tour
Born with the last degree of Leo on his Ascendant, this superstar entertainer is known for his love songs, abundant creativity, flamboyant showmanship and big heart.
Openly-gay Bishop Gene Robinson circumvents church ban
Born with an indominitable & indefatigable Saturn-Pluto conjunction closely conjunct his Ascendant, Robinson continues to resist the entrenched misogyny & homophobia of the Anglican church. The Sun on his North Node explains his spiritual quest & leadership qualities.
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater troupe performs on So You Think You Can Dance - With the ruler of his Ascendant conjunct Pluto in his 8th House, the late African-American director, dancer & choreographer left behind a brilliant legacy: his eponymous dance school.
Alyson Annan
This Aussie hockey champion has an easy-flowing Grand Air Trine and sporty Jupiter unaspected on her midheaven, helping her to win an Olympic gold medal in Field Hockey at the Sydney Olympics ... [see more lesbian stars]
Piscean Jackie Curtis biopic, Superstar in a Housedress Book & DVD out now! With the very sensitive & dramatic combination of Sun in the first degree of Pisces ruling his Leo Ascendant this actor, playwright, poet & cabaret singer became one of Andy Warhol's "Superstars" ...
Melissa Ferrick
With a Boomerang pattern involving Uranus in Libra at the base of her chart this American singer-songwriter continually grounds herself as a musical role model and symbol of freedom for queer youth as they tackle their sexuality issues ... [see more lesbian stars]
Raven Kaldera
The F2M author of Hermaphrodeities & MythAstrology has the Sun on the inter-gender cusp of the 4th and 5th houses, which respectively represent feminine and masculine spaces ...
Jack Pierson
With Mars in Cancer leading his Locomotive Shape from the Ascendant this photographer of the male nude creates lovely imagery of the softer side of masculinity ...
Tom Robinson
This sexually-fluid English broadcaster & former rock star has the planets ruling the mutable signs on his houses of sexuality & romance both in aspect to his Sun, making him “bi and proud” ...
The Topp Twins (Jools and Linda)
The first degree of Aquarius rises in the composite chart of these Kiwi entertainers & cultural icons making them a wonderfully offbeat and original pair ... [see more lesbian stars]
Andy Warhol
His artistic bent came from the highly creative placement of the Leo Sun on his Ascendant, while the Saturn Bucket handle explains his quip that "In the future everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes" ...

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