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on~line astrology writings
about sex, gender and sexuality

(Articles, Essays and Blog Entries of LGBT Interest, with Selected Quotes)

Akiyama, Ryoin. "Homosexuality: Proof in the Pudding?" Starlight Knight 20 July 2008, 5:56 am.
"Several things can be seen in natal charts: personality, relationships with parents, relationships with others, relationships with family, career, health, length of life, and many, many other things. However, perhaps the more important question we should be asking is what cannot be seen in natal charts..."

Ankerberg , John, and John Weldon. "The Dangers of Astrology -- Part One" [Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs, Harvest House, 1996]; Ankerberg Theological Research Institute.
"Astrologers also observe chart indicators for bisexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, and transexualism. Since such activities are 'indicated,' perhaps the one who desires to pursue them will have them justified in his own mind. And the one who does not desire them may live in worry or fear over the possibility, perhaps until he gives in to his astrological 'destiny.'..."

Blacque, Lilith. "Queer: An Astrological Exploration Of Self" Astroqueer (Ed. Sy Scholfield), 26 April 2001.
"Most astrologers begin their journey through thorough study and interpretation of their own astrological (mainly natal) chart. We all want to know what makes us "tick" as individuals, the "hows" and the "whys" to why we function the way we do, therefore we often spend hours delving into the clues that astrology can lay bare. For myself, I think, my exploration of self is even more pronounced since I realized that I am sexually attracted to women..."

Brown, Richard. "Astrology and Gays/Queers: Terra Incognito No Longer" Queer Astrology: Queer Stars for Queer People, 2000.
"It's about time that the astrology which dared not speak its name start talking. Queer astrology is right here, right now, and it's different. They're our charts, our lives, our souls evolving. Now we take charge with our own approach."

Brown, Richard. "Astrology's Sad Past: Queers weren't welcome but it is now changing" 2000.
"If gender cannot be determined from a natal chart (and all astrologers acknowledge that) by what ludicrous leap of logic can sexual orientation be determined from a natal chart? Alas, we bark into the wind with such people. They continue on despite the complete absence of success in identifying the 'homosexual' factors. Of course none of these writers has made any attempt to find the astrological factors which 'cause' heterosexuality, and here we find the sure sign of bigots at work, consciously or unconsciously..."

Brown, Richard. "The Pleiades: Our own Gay Constellation since ancient times" Queer Astrology: Queer Stars for Queer People, 200?.
"FWIW, the references I was able to find from ancient Rome seemed to imply a homosexual association only for men with the Pleiades. So far I am unaware of such similar correlation between the Pleiades and women amongst the Roman astrological writings. However, there are extant fragments from the ancient Greek lesbian poet, Sappho, making references to the Pleiades."

Brown, Richard. "A 10th Planet named Eris, not Xena (so much for a queer planet)" Queer Astrology: Queer Stars for Queer People, c. 2005-2006.
"So the brief fling with a lesbian name for a planet ended, and Eris is the name. Oh well, Eris is still appropriate for the bitchy queens amongst us. Eris was the goddess of discord, and she certainly lived up to her name as a new planet. After much feather fluffing by astronomers about Eris's discovery, the astronomers demoted Pluto to dwarf planet status and then named Eris."

Burk, Kevin. "Keywords: Gay, Homosexuality, Sexual Orientation" Astrological Horoscopes & Forecasts "Ask Kevin" (February 7, 1997).
"there is no way that a person's sexual preference can be seen in the birth chart. There are no house placements, no aspects, and no planetary patterns that offer a "gay signature" to a chart...Just as there are no "bad" planets and no "good" planets (or aspects, for that matter), there are also no "sex" planets, either. All planets, all aspects can be experienced through our sexuality, just as they can be experienced in every other way possible (and, in fact, they are)."

Chandler, Martin. "Understanding Karl Heimsoth" c. 2004. [http://www.geocities.com/suntwofish]
"In 1928 German psychoanalyst Karl Heimsoth published a small book entitled Charakter-Konstellation (in the American edition the title was unfortunately changed to Homosexuality in the Horoscope). Heimsoth's intent was to demonstrate that astrology could be a useful tool in psychoanalysis, and he chose the topic of homosexuality to build a case in favor of his claim. Heimsoth's work has been little understood, but this has not prevented some astrologers from attacking and maligning Heimsoth."

Clamp, Peter. "The Astrology of Homophobia" The Wholistic Astrologer Issue 3, Feb-Apr 2000 & Issue 4, May-July 2000.
"As a gay man I have always been interested in whether or not homosexuality can be detected in the astrological natal chart. A number of astrologers have claimed that they can. I have always been sceptical. So as part of my initial research I decided to discover if there was any common thread in what they said. The results of this research provoked me into changing the last word of the title of this dissertation from 'Homosexuality' to 'Homophobia'."

Crystal, Ellie. "Gay Male Astrologers" Crystalinks, 2005.
"Gay men are often linked to creative careers and seek creative outlets in esoteric fields. We all have the ability to get beyond emotional dramas and their frequencies and tap into higher frequency of thought. For the gay man, often stuck in a world of 'drama queens', a natural outlet would be something that taps into both left and right brain thinking. The answers are written in the stars..."

Dearman, Jill. "Chloe Sevigny's Scorpionic Exploration of Sexuality" StarIQ.com, 2000.
"The first time they make love, she is making love as a heterosexual woman to a presumably heterosexual young man. Later in the film, she has a lesbian love scene with Brandon after "he" has revealed himself to her as a biological woman. Never in a film has the complexity of gender and sexuality been explored so sensitively, realistically and passionately. And never has there been an actress so capable of exploring these deep and controversial waters before."

Dearman, Jill. "Tangled Web of Ripley" StarIQ.com, 2000.
"By 1949, Highsmith was ready to write a serious piece of fiction that dealt with her own concept of "the double." Fellow writer Truman Capote (a Libra) used his influence to get her accepted into Yaddo, the renowned writers colony in New York. While at Yaddo, Highsmith wrote her first novel, Strangers on a Train, about a dangerous fellow without a purpose in life who pitches the idea of "trading murders" with a successful man he meets while traveling."

DeBhairduin, Oein. Gay Astrology? Astro Revelations, 16 January 2009.
"I was recently asked wherever astrologers believe homosexuality could be represented within an individuals natal chart?, and found it to be a very interesting question that got me thinking; especially in relation to our ideals of gender, generalisations and an active search for cause and indicators of such a a path of sexual orientation - I feel that it is about time that I at least cast a casual eye on the subject itself..."

DeBhairduin, Oein. Pleiades - the Ancients homosexual constellation Astro Revelations, 17 January 2009.
"Since ancient Rome (and perhaps earlier) the constellation of the Pleiades was known to the western astrological traditions for its association with male homosexuality, symbolised by the “seven sisters” it's link to the modern age, although a weak echo of its once strong song, it still survives along side the stereotypical interpretations and associations of effeminate males – thankfully though it's range of meaning and inspired virtues are far from a slur on the gay soul, suggesting a evolutionary growth and union of the internal being to a more unified and balanced personality, beyond a sinplistic embodiment of male assertiveness but a more holistic and truthful balance of polarity..."

de Penguern, Guy. Chapter Five: Homosexuals, Lesbians, and AIDS "Medical Astrology: Medaps--Genaps, Part 3" Matrix Astrology Software.
"All through time, homosexuals and twins have been major subjects of interest for astrologers. And I trust that I hardly need state that Genaps (see previous articles for a description of Genaps) is of particular benefit when researching these..."

Farnell, Kim. Excerpt from The Astrology of Sex. Swan Island, 2004.
"The desire for freedom is shown by the Aries MC conjunct Jupiter and Uranus square Venus. [Johnny] Depp requires a high degree of freedom within relationships. The strongest emphasis on mutable signs comes from the triple conjunction between Mars, Uranus and Pluto. There is little adaptability to situations indicated here, in fact he is inclined to react quickly in a way which suits himself rather than consider the effect upon others..."

Fertig, Jack. "Uranus, The Queer Planet" www.starjack.com [1997] 2003.
"It is very easy to say simply that Uranus rules homosexuality and to take off from there. It serves us far better to examine the history of the Uranian principles, both planetary and sexual. Of course same sex love has been with us since the earliest days. From Hadrian to Hammarskjold, from Sappho to Stein, gay people have been recorded all through history, but our modern terms and any notion of a gay community are entirely modern, and come out of the demographic shifts and scientific ideas of the industrial revolution."

Fux, Lilith. "Geschichten aus dem Standesamt - Transsexualität {Stories from the office - Transsexuality}" www.sternwelten.at, 9 September 2008.
"Da wir in einem Geburtshoroskop das Geschlecht des Betreffenden nicht erkennen können, dürfte auch eine Geschlechtsumwandlung nicht zwingend im Horoskop thematisiert sein. Dennoch käme man bei einer Frau mit Mond im Krebs und Venus in Stier nicht unbedingt auf die Idee, dass sie Schwierigkeiten mit ihrer weiblichen Identität haben könnte. Beide Planeten stünden in ihren Domzilzeichen und damit sehr stark. Im Horoskop des Bräutigams, der ursprünglich als Mädchen aufwuchs, finden sich Mond und Venus dagegen in den eher geschlechtsneutralen Zeichen Schütze und Zwillinge...

{my translation: Since this is a natal chart the sex of the person concerned cannot be recognized, and even gender reassignment is not necessarily shown in a horoscope. Yet you would not expect a woman with Moon in Cancer and Venus in Taurus to necessarily have difficulties with her female identity, because both planets would be in domicile and thus very strong. Yet in the horoscope of the [M2F] bridegroom, who originally grew up as a girl, we find the moon and Venus in the more gender-neutral signs of Sagittarius and Gemini}..."

Goddard, Gerry. "The Astrological Gender Polarity" Chapter 12 of his Transpersonal Theory & the Astrological Mandala: An Evolutionary Model. Published on Island Astrology Memorial Website, 16 November 2007.
"Every psyche 'contains', or is centrally constituted by, an archetypal interplay of two poles; namely, a need for autonomous assertion (Mars) and a need for connective relationship (Venus). While both these needs and ways of experiencing are originally intertwined or predifferentiated, as consciousness develops (i.e. as the conscious self), one or other of the poles (it can't be both at the same time) tends to act as the primary structural nucleus of consciousness..."

Goddard, Gerry. "Astrological Polarities & the Gender Dialectic" [The Wholistic Astrologer, Issues 5 (Aug-Oct 2000) and 6 (Nov 2000 - Jan 2001). Edited by Candy Hillenbrand]. Island Astrology Memorial Website.
"Every psyche 'contains', or is centrally constituted by, an archetypal interplay of two poles; namely, a need for autonomous assertion (Mars) and a need for connective relationship (Venus). While both these needs and ways of experiencing are originally intertwined or predifferentiated, as consciousness develops (i.e. as the conscious self), one or other of the poles (it can't be both at the same time) tends to act as the primary structural nucleus of consciousness..."

Houlding, Deborah. "Book Review: The Astrology of Sex by Kim Farnell" Skyscript, July 2004.
"Kim refers to [homosexual liasons] as 'same sex affairs', explains the traditional indications that point towards a proclivity for homosexuality, reviews the whole issue, yet concludes that, in reality, a tendency towards same sex affairs is as difficult to establish in the horoscope as race or gender..."

Jawer, Jeff. "The Astrology of Intimacy" Zodiacal Zephyr.
"Love is not enough. To live together in an intimate relationship there are other criteria that must be met. Love, in fact, is very different to different people. Fiery love means that I feel great when I think of you. It is a Leo-like projection of the ego, basking in the glory of romantic love. My love for you comes from my heart. You may trigger it, but it's my creation. Listening doesn't necessarily enter the picture. Watery love is more Lunar, it is about responding to the other person's needs, even the unstated ones. The fiery lover may be surprised to discover that the other is unsatisfied..."

Jordan, Shelley. "The Repression of the Feminine in Astrology" C.U.R.A., , , 2000.
"This gender bias continues in the system of houses, which came to analogously resemble the zodiacal signs when the template of the zodiac was superimposed onto the twelve sectors. The traditional view of the houses carries some of the onus associated with gender, particularly with regard to the water houses. Specifically, the 8th and 12th houses, which correlate with Scorpio and Pisces, carry the stigma of prejudice against the odious feminine. The 8th house is traditionally connected with death. The 12th house has been known for centuries as the realm of hidden enemies and self-undoing..."

Kaldera, Raven. "FTM Figures in Mythology" ("The Quest: Stories of Manhood around the Fire" - Excerpt from Hermaphrodeities). Cauldron Farm, 2002.
"Being boys (or, as they are sometimes spelled when referring to FTMs, "boyz" or "bois") puts one squarely on that Fool's path, the Quest of the Jack who sets out, not for the warrior's goal of rescue, battle, or some other service to a goal, but to Find His Fortune. Girls in myths do sometimes go on quests, but it's almost always to rescue someone else, like the female heroines of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen", or the sister in "The Seven Swans" who rescues her brothers. Jacks and Fools have no such agenda..."

Kaldera, Raven. "Pallas the GenderBender" [The Theme Stream, 1997]. Cauldron Farm, 2000.
"The results were that Pallas made a significant aspect in every one of the trans-folks' charts, and frequently to their Suns, Moons or Ascendants. Even more interesting, most of the "significant other" charts had Pallas conjunct or in major aspect to Venus, which suggests that something in their makeup caused them to be romantically drawn to people of unconventional gender."

"Certainly for intersex babies, it is more than time to put some slack into the gender system. Children with "ambiguous" genitalia, meaning a little of both, are surgically mutilated at birth so their parents will not have to explain things to the neighbors, and so society will not have to readjust its thinking about the two- gender prison. Often these individuals end up with serious medical complications later in life due to forced hormone therapy, and frequently the surgery leaves them with no physical sensation in what is left of their genitals. Many end up back in the sex-change office anyway, despite their parents' best efforts to keep them traditionally-gendered. This has to stop. It is an affront to humanitarian ethics, of which Pallas also has a strong interest."

Kishner, Jeffrey. "Mars, Venus, Androgyny and Same-Sex Relationships " Seduction Central: The astrology of sex, love, romance and relationships, 9 January 2008.
"We all have Venus and Mars in our charts. Just as the horoscope does not tell whether we're male or female, it may not indicate the degree to which we identify with either or both of these archetypes, or how much we project these archetypes onto others. Personally, I'm all for "owning" both Venus and Mars in one's chart. To the degree that you don't consciously express a planetary archetype, you will seek its expression in the environment -- especially via an attraction to people who embody that planet for you..."

Leehman, J. Lee. "Homosexuality: Casual Determinants" International Society for Astrological Research.
"If you propose something with a lot of different ways to do it, you are going to come up with a model that everybody is going to match. You could in fact propose a model for homosexuality that was randomly met by 90% of the population, if in a homosexual or gay grouping, maybe it would be matched 92% of the time..."

Lichtenstein, Madame (Charlene). "National Coming Out Month" Stargayzer, 1996.
"Keep in mind that every October is National Coming Out Month. What better way to prepare and celebrate this liberation than to open up, explore and expose all the closets in our horoscope [?]."

Lichtenstein, Madame (Charlene). "The Stonewall Riots" Stargayzer, c. 1996.

"Astrologers are often consulted to give proper perspective and intelligent illumination to certain major events. For those of us who enjoy a little 20/20 hindsight, I modestly offer an astrological analysis of the events at Stonewall in 1969. I, for one, believe that the planets set the whole thing in motion. June 28, 1969 at 1:20am, an unexpected police raid was carried out on a bar in Greenwich Village, New York City..."

Magi Society. "Magi Astrology Works on Gay Relationships" Magi Astrology 17 October 2000.
"One of the things we mentioned in the last link is that Magi Astrology is consistent. In fact, Magi Astrology is so consistent that you can apply the principles of Magi Astrology to understand gay relationships in the same way that you can utilize them to analyze heterosexual ones."

McCleary, Rollan. "Describing Pope Benedict's Gay Problem" Rollan's Censored Issues Blog, 1 April 2007, 7.36PM.
"So asteroids work and they make for greater accuracy in navigating the still little charted area of gay astrology. So far the main gay/queer asteroids are Sappho, Ganymede, Antinous, Gaily, OscarWilde, Leatherman, Barney (relevant to a type of lesbianism through association with Natalie Barney, “Pope of the Lesbians”) and Fruits. Yes, even Fruits works. I have found it has something to do with strong camp/drag tendencies - the late radical activist, Harry Hay, who founded the Radical Faeries had it closely conjunct his Venus (where else?) and trashy film actor, Divine, had it rising in his natus (i.e. linked to his body image) and aspected to aggressive Mars besides, so he really pushed camp trash!"

McCleary, Rollan. "Gayness, Difference and the Uranian Factor: An Alternative Astrological Reading of the Facts." The Wholistic Astrologer 5 (Aug-Oct 2000).
McCleary, Rollan. "Hidden Aspects of the Anglican Gay Split" Rollan's Censored Issues Blog , 4 July 2008.
"When in November ‘03 a gay bishop was consecrated in America Jupiter (religion/beliefs) was going direct in Virgo (sign of Anglicanism) and making positive aspect to Christianity’s Mercury in its leadership sector. Now that the same ordination is being declared an abomination, Jupiter, currently in conservative Capricorn, is moving in retrograde so in line with this is the call to “get back” to basic, traditional beliefs..."

McCleary, Rollan. "Love and Sex Towards Aquarius - #1: Lost Signposts and New Directions.
McCleary, Rollan. "Love and Sex Towards Aquarius - #2: Consistent Principles and Emerging Patterns."
Miller-Mignone, Alex. "Rick 'Man on Dog' Santorum" Maya Del Mar's Daykeeper Journal, August 2006.
"While Jupiter in Libra might ordinarily seem inclined to tolerance, or at least an ability to see opposing views, in Santorum’s case this seems to have been perverted into a rather Old Testament view of justice and condemnation, his caveats regarding homosexual persons as opposed to their acts aside (the stereotypical fundamentalist “love the sinner, hate the sin” dodge to avoid owning their homophobia)..."

Moore, Dermod. "Reflections on Ganymede" [including the Stonewall chart]. Apollon: The Journal of Psychological Astrology April 1999.
"In June 1969, some of my kind stopped taking abuse from the authorities, and started to fight back, at the beginning of something called Gay Liberation. I was there, at the Midheaven, looking down on the faggots and dykes at a bar in New York called the Stonewall Inn, breaking windows, throwing stones, and shouting Gay Pride. Not for the first time, and not for the last..."

"Occultism & Parapsychology Encyclopedia: Gavin Arthur" Answers.com.
"Arthur moved beyond traditional observations on sexual roles (that continue to dominate astrology books) that treat issues of sexual attraction and compatibility to argue that each person possesses a distinct combination of Yin and Yang. We attract and repel others as they tend to balance our own combination of male/female attributes. He then placed this under-standing that allowed for women with much Yang and men with much Yin, into a complex system of correspondences that involve the astrological signs, the planets, and houses of the horoscope...."

Oshop, Renay. "Rebirth: A Transgendering Surgery Creates a New Life" Ayurvedic Astrology June 16th, 2008.
"I recently had the opportunity to do a reading for a transgendered lady. In the course of that reading I discovered something astounding, something other astrologers flat out do not believe when I tell them: the surgery of the transsexual created a new person astrologically..."

Parham-White, Khaemille (Chief Ra Ifagbemi). "The Spirituality of Gender" The House of Hapi: The Rainbow of Egypt.
"There are three basic sexualities and genders: Androgynous, Gay, and Heterosexual. Androgynous individuals are called 4-Spirits because they posses a fully integrated male and female SPIRIT and a fully androgynous PHYSICAL BODY. They are the closest to the divine, because they unite all opposites into one being. They are one, yet many, just like the Creator. The Gays are called 2-Spirits-1-Body because they have a fully awakened and integrated androgynous SPIRIT and a gender-specific PHYSICAL BODY. The heterosexuals are called 1/2-Spirits-1-Body, because they have half of a SPIRIT--either male or female, and a gender-specific PHYSICAL BODY..."

Perez, Joe. "An Astrological View of Gay Spirit" [Mountain Astrologer February-March 2005]; Gay Spirituality & Culture 16 April 2005.
"It seems noteworthy that the Sabian symbol linked to the core identity and spirit of the gay movement is an instance of the archetypal Double: a pair of dancing elves. Thus, this archetype appears in the Stonewall chart in three very prominent locations: the sign on the Ascendant (Gemini), the sign of the chart’s planetary ruler (Mercury in Gemini), and the Sabian symbol for the Sun. The image of the two dancing elves is linked with “unusual good luck,” says Dane Rudhyar, but this luck is recognizable only when human beings are moving in harmony with the underlying, invisible forces of nature or evolution. Goals of Gay Spirituality..."

Perez, Joe. "Column: Is gayness written in the stars?" MyOutSpirit.com 6 February 2004.
"There are many astrologers who believe that while there is no one "gay signature" in a birth chart, there are a variety of astrological signs that may indicate a predisposition towards homosexuality. There has never been a comprehensive study of homosexuality in birth charts, so there’s no hard evidence regarding exactly what the signature might be..."

Pottenger, Maritha. "Astrology, Women and Men: Covering the Potentials of the Whole Human Race" [The Mutable Dilemma, Volume 2 Number 1 (Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, "Sagittarius 1978")]; MyOutSpirit.com.
"Astrology is symbolic: people have choices and options. No one is 'destined' to be homosexual, heterosexual, a doctor, an astrologer, a victim, etc. Our characters create our lives; our horoscopes do not. A horoscope is a map of personality potentials. It symbolizes psychological principles and drives. A horoscopes does NOT show the specific details of how those principles will manifest in individual lives. Self-aware people have choices as to how they will express their basic drives..."

Samson, Robert. "The Road to Parnassus" White Crane (Gay Wisdom & Culture), Issue 56, 2007.
"I knew it was time to leave San Francisco and return to the high desert of Santa Fe. As a professional astrologer I am attuned to transitions and life cycles. Many might scoff at the exigencies of fate implicit in astrology, but human life is no different from the plant kingdom in its evolution through specific "seasons" from the cradle to the grave. Astrology is no more or no less than a blueprint, a map of those cycles, delineated in the language of crossroads, crises and harvests. But most of all astrology is about meaning. Whether one subscribes to direct planetary influence over human behavior or mere synchronicity--phenomenon that are physically disconnected but joined in meaning--humans seem to require meaning in their lives, particularly during times of chaos, when meaning seems most illusive."

Scholfield, Simon-Astley. "(Gay) Persephone: Radical Symbol for Peace (between Men)" Flock: Artists and Writers about the Culture of Peace. Ed. Linda Carroli. June 2000 (On~Line Project for 2000 International Year for the Culture of Peace).
"While there are several symbols that signify peace in any language, a new one has emerged from the collective unconscious to link them all. This new symbol - identified here as Persephone - comprises the radical, or morpheme, in the visual grammar of peace symbolism. At a subconscious level, archetypal Persephone - the radical symbol for world peace - forms the creative radix from which the designs of the peace symbols have been tapped . . ."

Sellar, Wanda. "The Fall of Oscar Wilde" Traditional Astrologer Magazine Summer 1995.
"The bristling self-confidence of a Leo Moon, accelerated by its sinister square to Mercury and dexter square with Uranus creates a pattern of erratic genius and self-will. Even though Wilde was offered a chance to flee from justice he refused to budge. Could this be an example of his self-undoing, immortalised in his last work, The Ballad of Reading Gaol?"

Taylor, Paul. Review of Jeff Mayo's Teach Yourself Astrology" Nous.org, 2001.
Thomas, Angela. "Robert Mapplethorpe: "Enfant Terrible" of the Photographic World" AFI Journal #3 (1996).
"Astrologically, Mapplethorpe has a complex and strongly Scorpionic chart. The fixed water sign of Scorpio holds claim to the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and his Ascendant. Here we have an intense and passionate individual who lived life on the edge and was ruthless in his pursuit of fame and fortune. The pronounced conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter resonated strongly in his life."

Vaughan, Valerie. "What a Doll ! -- The Astrological Story of Barbie" One Reed Publications, 2002.
"Ken's chart shows some rather effeminate features such as Sun in Pisces, Taurus rising, and Mars in the soft sign of Cancer. According to news reports, at least one model of Ken is a big hit with gay men. Sales of the "Earring Magic Ken" model (dressed in a lavender mesh shirt) have apparently gone primarily to gay men, something which Mattel claimed not to have anticipated. Looking at Ken's birth chart, we can see astrological indicators that have been associated with homosexuality, such as Moon in Aquarius square Neptune, and both the Sun and Venus in aspect to Uranus..."

"Vesta, High Priestess: Lesbianism" www.goddess.astrology.com (no date).
"Female energy is complex and powerful, and nowhere is this more evident than in female-female partnerships. Lesbianism embraces the feminine principal so totally that it leaves little room for men as lovers or soulmates. Together, women wield considerable power. Vesta's Virgins held some of the highest positions in their city's hierarchy. In medieval Europe, girls and women could choose to enter a convent and become part of a female society (within a male-dominated church)."

Wade, Elbert. "The Gentleman Was Becoming A Lady" (1978) 2000.
"'I note you are a Cancerian just three months past your thirtieth birthday. When did you decide you wanted to change your sex from male to female?'"
'Since I was about twenty-six and a half.' [I later found this coincided with 'Bobbie's' first lunar return, close to the time of the direct opposition of the progressed Moon to the position of the natal Uranus. In effect, "Bobbie" experienced a unique change of mind, philosophy and outlook.] Further questioning revealed "Bobbie" went into psychological counseling at this time to prepare for the change from a male to female lifestyle."

Walton, Laura F.. "Androgyny and Astrology?" Astro What?, February 2008.
"I admit it: looking into personal charts to find indicators of sexual preferences and gender variance is fascinating. I love to watch the interaction of factors and their ultimate expression in a life; the diversity of it all is profoundly beautiful. But linking gender and sex variables to astrology (or psychology or mythology or any other symbolic way of coming to grips with the world) leads to some pretty important quesitons..."

Walton, Laura F.. "Gay Marriage in California: An Apolitical Astrologer's Take" Astro What?, May 2008.
"The asteroids were well-aspected, especially for lesbian couples. Pallas was involved in a beautiful Grand Trine with Saturn and Pluto, and women should be able to maintain their individuality and independence easily within the relationship (and wasn’t that what attracted you in the first place?) Juno in conjunction with Pluto lends extra force to partnership matters in general; even though Juno can be a bit of a shrew at times, she’s the very archetype of the loyal wife..."

Walton, Laura F.. "Gay or Straight? That Is the Question" Seduction Central: The astrology of sex, love, romance and relationships, 26 June 2008.
"Astrologers are people too, and share the collective obsession. We've searched for hundreds of years for factors in the natal chart that might indicate a person's sexual tendencies, all with questionable success. Well-respected astrologers have offered a whole slew of natal factors as indicators of homosexuality, bisexuality, and gender variance..."

Weidner, Christopher A. "The Icarus Effect (The Variety of Sexual Lifestyles in the Horoscope)" (Trans. Matyas Becvarov). 2000.
"When we understand that "sexuality at the deepest level is not something which power fears, but much more is something through which it achieves its aims" [Foucault] we shall perhaps also understand that we can escape the incessant sexualization of our beings by the "sex police" as we begin to see in the polymorphism of the sexes an expression of human freedom. Perhaps this is the form the transition from Saturn through Uranus to Neptune takes; when sexual categories no longer mean anything to us; when we must come to terms with other categories and finally realize that more people surround us than men, women, homo- or heterosexuals."

Weidner, Christopher A. "Der Ikarus-Effekt: Die Vielfalt Sexueller Lebensstile im Horoskop" Astrologix. 1998.
Weidner, Sandra.. "The Astrology of Homosexuality: Charts of Fifty Men" The Astrology of Incarnation, June 2010.
"The subject of one’s choice of partner for sex, love, long-term commitment, and marriage is a complex one. It cannot adequately be covered in a paper that astrologically just identifies the sexual orientation of its subjects. Yet, the astrology of homosexuality has to start somewhere. I believe I have identified its main significator, and that is cause enough for this paper ..."

Weidner, Sandra.. "The Astrology of Lesbianism: Charts of Fifty Women" The Astrology of Incarnation, June 2010.
"The subject of one’s choice of partner for sex, love, long-term commitment, and marriage is a complex one. It cannot adequately be covered in a paper that astrologically just identifies the sexual orientation of its subjects. Yet, the astrology of lesbianism has to start somewhere. I believe I have identified its main significator, and that is cause enough for this paper. So, herein I identify and give examples for the minimum astrological significator for lesbianism. “Minimum significator” means astrology common and, I believe, unique to all lesbians. ..."

Weidner, Sandra.. "A Second Paper on Twin Differences: Twin One: Healthy, Heterosexual, and Employed / Twin Two: Sickly, Lesbian, Unemployed" The Astrology of Incarnation, March 2010.
"This is a short, simple paper about one set of twins. It consists of ten partial charts—five for each twin—demonstrating the basic astrology for their difference for health, sexual preference, and employment. They were born twenty minutes apart..."

Weidner, Sandra.. "Twin Differences: Female Twin Heterosexual / Male Twin Homosexual" The Astrology of Incarnation, April 2010.
"These twins—a boy and a girl—were born only two minutes apart. Two minutes is not enough of a time difference—at least for our subject under investigation—to make any appreciable difference in their charts. So, only one chart is shown in this paper, their harmonic chart for their 7th house. We are going to use it to demonstrate why, astrologically, as adults she is heterosexual and he is gay ..."

Wickham-Smith, Simon. "Astrology of the Male/Female Dynamic in Gender Reassignment"
Wickham-Smith, Simon. "Black Moon Lilith and the Tabu of Gender Dysphoria: Some Preliminary Thoughts" Astroqueer 30 January 2002.
"Lilith’s placement seems to indicate the way in which the subject deals with tabus and the way in which his or her society works with tabus. We are generally looking here at tabus surrounding sex and gender and sexuality, but Lilith’s mythopoëtic placement on the periphery means that she represents whatever is pertinent to the subject."

Wickham-Smith, Simon. "Transsexuality and Astrology" Astrological Journal 40.6 (Nov/Dec 1998): 19-26.
The archetypal masculine and feminine are symbolically embodied by the astrological chart, no more so than the Sun/Moon and Mars/Venus configurations. In the interpretation of any chart, of course, we have to remember the holistic principle -- that, for instance, withing the masculine Sun there is also the female -- without which an analysis would lack depth. This is all the more necessary when considering the chart of a transsexual subject, since the interplay of self and gender will be especially subtle and complex."

Wilhelm, Amara Das. The Third Sex and Vedic Astrology "Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex," Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association, 2004.
"In Vedic astrology, the nine planets are each assigned to one of the three genders. The Sun, Jupiter, and Mars are assigned to the masculine gender; the Moon, Venus, and Rahu are assigned to the feminine gender; and Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu are assigned to the third or neutral gender.50 These last three planets, labeled napumsaka, are considered to be sexually neutral and “hermaphroditic” (possessing both male and female properties) by their influence..."

Wright, Anne. "The Fixed Stars: Sexuality" The Fixed Stars, 1998?.
Zindell, Melody Scott. "Astrology and Gender and-or Sexual Fluidity" 20 July 2007. EzineArticles.com, 3 August 2008.
"If I were to completely let myself go past the barriers of conditioning, I would probably call myself pansexual as I have at one time or another found myself intensely attracted to someone in almost every category there is. That doesn’t mean I have or will act upon these desires, it simply opens up my mind to how fluid this whole area of our humanity is..."

Zindell, Melody Scott. "Mars Approaching the Nodes and Gay Rights" Depth Astrology, 13 June 2008.
"As Mars was entering the sign of Leo and inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn, the California Supreme Court was overturning its law banning same sex marriages. Homosexuality can be associated with Mars in Leo / 5th house (Aquarius) and of course here we have a classic release of the inconjunct tension related to the breakdown and reconstruction of social structures and rules..."

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