<(my queer curriculum vitae)>


book reviews

"Not Queer Enough: Playing the Man: New Approaches to Masculinity" M/C 06 October 1999.

"Pornotopian Studies: Sex Ed: Film, Video, and the Framework of Desire" M/C 19 July 2000.

"Straight and Narrow Journeys: When London Calls: The Expatriation of Australian Creative Artists to Britain" M/C 13 September 1999.

film reviews

"Beijing Gay Comrade Story: Lan Yu" M/C 6 August 2001.

"Brisbane International Animation Festival: Out of the Closet / International Competition" Filmnet 3.065 (10 April 2000).

"Cammell's Wildside - A Cut Above the Original" Filmnet 3.108 (4 August 2000); M/C 28 August 2000.

"Can I be Your Bratwurst, Please?: Shorts for Boys" Filmnet 3.108 (4 August 2000).

"Familiar Funny Farm: Soft Fruit" M/C 14 February 2000.

"Good Things Come in Small Packages: Hedwig and the Angry Inch M/C 23 March 2002.

"Gynandrous Gendernauts" M/C 18 August 1999.

"Hatred Personified: American Psycho" Filmnet 3.099 (20 July 2000).

" Re-modelling Courbet's L'origine du monde and Duchamp's Étant Donnés: Bruno Dumont's Humanity (L' Humanité)" Filmnet 3.108 (4 August 2000).

"Lust For Love: Like It Is" M/C 02 September 1999.

"Sixties Beat Queens: Selected Films from the 'Lens on the Beat Generation' Programme" Filmnet 3.109 (7-9 August 2000).

"A Straight, Sweet, Bitter, and Twisted Fairytale: Romance" M/C 12 April 2000.

"Taking the Piss: John Water's Pecker" M/C 27 November 1999.

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