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Alan Oken

Astrologer, Writer, Teacher.
Astrology chart, biography, books, links

"The conditions of one's life are imprinted at birth and one of the most important of these conditions is the nature of one's sexuality. Thus a chart of a homosexual shows distinct homosexual tendencies in terms of zodiacal placements, and homosexuality would be as natural to that individual as heterosexuality or asexuality or bisexuality would be to another."
-- Alan Oken, Astrology: Evolution and Revolution (1976), p. 56.

Scorpio Ascendant, Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, Chiron on MC

Alan Oken's astro-chart

28 March 1944, 23:05 EWT (11:05 PM), New York, NY, USA (74w00 40n43). Sy Scholfield quotes data from Oken's book, The Future of Astrology p. 143. RR: A.
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Virgo CHIRON (on MC, square Moon, quincunx Sun); Gemini URANUS (conjunct Moon, sextile Sun), Libra NEPTUNE (trine Moon, opposite Sun), Leo PLUTO (rules Ascendant, sextile Moon, trine Sun). PATTERNS: T-SQUARE (Neptune opposite Sun, both square Mars), T-SQUARE (Chiron opposite Venus, both square Moon/Uranus). MUTUAL RECEPTION: VENUS in Pisces & NEPTUNE in Libra. SHAPE: LOCO~MOTIVE (Venus leads). CHINESE SIGN: WOOD MONKEY. NUMEROLOGY: "22" LIFEPATH.

Alan Oken, one of the foremost astrologers in the world today, is the author of various astrology books dealing with sexuality issues (Saturn in bookish Gemini in the 8th House of sexuality ruling his 3rd House of literature -- with Saturn conjunct the astrology-minded Uranus discovery degree).

One of the ways in which Oken has pioneered in the field of astrology is by discussing non-straight sexuality issues. His Astrology: Evolution and Revolution, includes charts for a bisexual man, a gay man, a lesbian, and a transsexual (Christine Jorgensen) amongst others. Also, his Complete Astrology, a compilation of some chapters from his earlier books, contains a discussion of the Gay Liberation Movement (trail-blazing Mars in the 8th House of sexuality at the point of a T-Square from MH-ruling Sun in the 5th House of creative expression, and Neptune -- ruler of the 5th in the 11th House of astrology).

Besides his celebrated books, Oken has published over 200 articles on astrology in various journals, and made frequent media appearances, as well as having his own radio program in Sante Fe, New Mexico (Uranus aspecting both luminaries, all aspected by media-savvy Neptune).

Alan Oken is a world traveller (wanderlusting Neptune opposite the Sun which disposits his Jupiter in Leo on the MidHeaven in the 9th House of travel) and he speaks and writes in seven languages (Jupiter sextile Saturn which rules and quincunxes the 3rd house of linguistics).


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