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Ingrid Sell, MATS, PhD

American Artist, Astrologer, Psychologist, Writer
Astrology chart, profile, links

Leo Ascendant, Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Uranus Rising

Ingrid's astro-chart

Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes data from Ingrid Sell via email. RR: A.
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Leo URANUS (on Ascendant, conjunct Sun, opposite and dispositing Moon); Aquarius MOON (on Descendant); Leo SUN (on Ascendant); Aquarius CHIRON (on Des); Scorpio NEPTUNE (on Placidus IC); Taurus MARS (on MC). FINAL DISPOSITOR: SUN in LEO. PATTERNS: FIXED T-SQUARE (Neptune opposite Mars, both square Sun/Uranus). SHAPE: SPLAY. CHINESE SIGN: EARTH DOG. NUMEROLOGY: "7" LIFEPATH.

Unfortnately Ingrid's fascinating Chiron: Transpersonal Astrology website is now defunct...

astro-text © 2000+
Sy Scholfield

Ingrid M. Sell holds a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology with a Clinical Psychology specialization from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, where she worked as a Faculty Mentor in the Global Program. Her Doctoral dissertation on how third gendered people [or people with intermediate (neither male nor female) identities] have experienced their lives in America received the 2001 Sidney Jourard Award of Division 32 of the American Psychological Association. A writer and artist, she holds a BFA in Media and Performing Arts, and has written for various publications including Bay Windows, Sojourner, and New Directions for Women.

Ingrid previously hosted the now-defunct Chiron: Transpersonal Astrology website where she combined her professional acumen in the fields of Astrology and Transpersonal Psychology to offer consultations, particularly to members of the LGBT community.

Sell's website included a page About Chiron and not surprisingly, she has Chiron personalized in her chart (on the Descendant in the 7th House of Relating)! Also, she has Pluto, the planet of Transformations and Powers, placed in Virgo along with Mercury -- a planet associated with transgenderism. These conjunct planets are disposited by Chiron in the 7th (relationships), so the subject of transgenderism is close to Ingrid's heart, particularly as her partner is a "3rd gendered butch lesbian." Ingrid identifies as a "femme lesbian" -- her angular Moon in 7th meaning that issues of femme and butch femininity have influenced her life through her relationships.

As an astro-consultant, Ingrid's areas of particular interest include "understanding one's life purpose and the meaning of personal crises in the context of the whole life (i.e., seeing how what you are currently experiencing fits into the 'big picture')" -- an expression of her Leo Sun in the 12th House. She approaches "working with relationships as a spiritual path, especially in lesbian/gay relationships" -- reflected by her Uranus (queer sexuality) which opposes her Moon (the feminine) in her 7th House (relationships).

Ingrid is also an experienced clinician having assisted people with issues in trauma and addictions recovery (12th House Sun ruling Ascendant and square Neptune), with shadow and archetype (Angular Moon quincunx Pluto discovery degree of 17° Cancer which conjuncts her 12th cusp), and with issues affecting the LGBT community (Uranus rising and opposite and dispositing Aquarian Moon).

In her NOT-MAN, NOT-WOMAN: THE THIRD GENDER RESEARCH STUDY she writes that in many societies Third Gendered people are "the artists and performers, healers and shamans of these cultures . . . (where). . .their abilities to bridge the worlds of masculine and feminine are thought to also endow them with the capacities to act as mediators and to cross between the worlds of spirit and mundane."

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