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Walden Welch

Gay American Astrologer
astrology chart, profile, links, etc

Virgo Ascendant, Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Grand Cross

his astro-chart

RR: A (Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes astro-data from Welch's website: "Walden was born with his Sun in Capricorn, Virgo Rising and Moon in Pisces on December 30th, 1943 at 10:13 p.m., in Stockton, California").
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: NEPTUNE (square Sun, quincunx Moon), VENUS (conjunct Nadir), MOON (conjunct Descendant), MARS & URANUS (conjunct Zenith), PLUTO (conjunct North Node, quincunx both luminaries), JUPITER (conjunct Ascendant). PATTERNS: GRAND CROSS (Venus, Moon, Mars & Uranus, Jupiter), YOD (Venus sextile Mercury, both quincunx Saturn), YOD (Sun sextile Moon, both quincunx Pluto & North Node), BOOMERANG (Pluto Yod plus South Node), YOD (Pluto sextile Neptune, both quincunx Moon), BOOMERANG (Moon Yod plus Jupiter & Ascendant). MUTUAL RECEPTION: MERCURY in CAPRICORN (quincunx) SATURN in GEMINI. SHAPE: HORSESHOE. CHINESE SIGN: GOAT / SHEEP. NUMEROLOGY: "5" LIFEPATH.

A protégé of astrologers Gavin Arthur of San Francisco & Elinor Melin of Los Angeles, Walden Welch has offered astrology & psychic consultancy services in California since 1962. Visit www.wwastrologer.com for more information about his services, including Natal Charts with Progressions and Transits, Astrocartography, Horary Charts & Past Life readings.

Following the California Supreme Court decision to pass a law that allows same sex marriage, Walden Welch legally married his partner of 45 years on 19 June 2008. Astrologically, Welch's natal Moon is found within (and on the cusp of) his 7th House (the house associated with relationships and marriage). At the time of his marriage his Solar Arc directed Moon had moved to 9 degrees of Taurus in the 9th House (the house of the Law), squaring his North-Node and Pluto conjunction in the 12th House (the marriage was a long time coming) and making a trine to his 5th House Sun (allowing him to marry his man). Meanwhile, Solar Arc progressed Neptune (the ruler of his natal 7th House) reached 9 degrees of Sagittarius (the Sign associated with the Law), forming a semi-sextile to his natal Sun and making a trine with his natal Pluto (thus allowing him to take advantage of the big Legal change that gave him the right to wed his same sex partner).

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Sy Scholfield