Mark D. Pesce: American gay internet pioneer, author and lecturer credited with bringing virtual reality to the World Wide Web.
DATA: 8 December 1962, 21:10 (9:10 PM) EST (5hE), Everett, MA (42n25, 71w03). Pat Taglilatelo quotes birth certificate. RR: AA.

"I often think I am an invader from another planet, but I'm not really sure, but
on the other hand I think I'm an earth man, but on that I'm not really sure,
either I am almost 33 years old, and I would almost consider myself a canonical
child of Generation X, within six months of the D-Date of Doug Coupland, he's
six months older than me. And I would definietely place myself very squarely
within that generation even though it is the generation that resists labels,
because I think there is an ethic and aesthetic that goes along with that
generation, it may have something to do with the fact that "Never Mind the
Bollocks" was released when we were 16-years-old and that was really the album
that crystalized a generation. ...." -- Mark Pesce October 18, 1995 

Doug Coupland born December 30, 1961
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Mark Pesce

Internationally recognized as the man who brought virtual reality into the World Wide Web, Mark Pesce has been exploring the frontiers of the future for nearly two decades. Pesce is the author of three books - including a classic text, Browsing and Building Cyberspace, which sold over 70,000 copies in six languages.  Ballantine Books will publish his next book, The Playful World: Interactive Toys and the Future of the Imagination, in September 2000.  Pesce has written for WIRED, Feed Magazine, Salon Magazine, and numerous Ziff-Davis periodicals, and he has been profiled by publications such as Forbes ASAP, TIME Digital, WIRED and The New York Times.

Pesce is Chair of the Interactive Media Program at the University of Southern California’s world-renowned School of Cinema-Television, where he has created a program that not only encourages creative vision, but also seeks to produce a generation of entertainment professionals who will shape the media of the next century.
Mark Pesce is an Internet visionary and the co-creator of VRML, which introduced 3D representations to the World Wide Web. He was recently appointed Chair of the Interactive Media Program at the USC School of Cinema-Television in Los Angeles. For his work on WebEarth, which creates a real-time VRML model of the planet, Pesce received an Honorable Mention from the Ars Electronica Foundation. Mr. Pesce has received numerous awards for his work in live virtual environments and is an author and lecturer on the subject.
“The Internet has no established old boys’ network, and it probably never will,” says Mark Pesce, the openly gay chairman of the interactive media program at the University of Southern California, who brought virtual reality to the Web with his invention of VRLM 3-D programming. “There’s a level of acceptance for our community even among the older generation. The fact that much of the Internet has come out of San Francisco, New York, and, to a lesser degree, Los Angeles has a lot to do with that. It’s where we congregate.”
"Technopagans" long essay about him....