Attention to several features of Michael Jackson’s chart helps answer your questions. These features include his personalised Neptune; Cradle/Yod Pattern with Mars in Taurus as singleton; Mercury in Leo as most-aspected planet; and the current assemblage of a Grand Sextile pattern in his chart through the transiting Saturn-Pluto/Mars opposition, etc…

Considering that there is no reliable time of birth, the only definitively personalised planet in the flat chart of the mysterious Michael is Neptune (in Scorpio). By personalised planet I mean one that aspects both luminaries, or that aspects one luminary and disposits the other, or which is conjunct an angle and/or the Nodal axis. We don’t know the angles of Jackson’s chart but we do know that Neptune sextiles his Sun and disposits his Pisces Moon, and that Neptune conjuncts his North Node.

As an embodiment of the ‘Neptunian Archetype’ then, Jackson today re-lives his “isolated childhood” and “the loneliness of outstanding fame and fortune” in his own private Neptune-Land world of Neverland (Neptune dispositing and possibly in trine with his Pisces Moon). He is obsessed with masks and plastic surgery that remodels his skin with its well-known pigmentary condition (Neptune sextile the Sun – the largest planet associated with the body’s largest organ, the skin). Moreover, his whole existence seems centred around the achievement of a kind of ‘ultra-mutability’ by which he con-fuses the normative binary identity categories such that he appears as neither child/adult, black/white, male/female, masculine/feminine, or gay/straight (Neptune conjunct his North Node).

Significantly, his North node is also aspected by the three other mutable planets: a sextile from Mercury, a trine from Chiron, and a conjunction with Jupiter. This constellation makes for an extremely transmutable type of person. And with Neptune placed in Scorpio, sex scandals and the making and exchanging of enormous amounts of money never seem far behind him and often land him in trouble, if only because he can simply afford to indulge the sort of trans-gender, trans-genic, trans-racial, and trans-generational fantasies that are beyond the rest of us.

But why Scorpionic sex scandals with minors and a Neptunian need to escape perpetually into a world of children in particular??

Firstly, the most outstanding pattern in Jackson’s chart is a classic “Cradle” one. This Cradle is formed by the opposition between Mercury and Chiron which contains the North Node and Saturn that both quincunx Mars such that it forms not only the apex of a Yod but also the handle of the Cradle by in turn forming the apex of a T-square with Mercury-Chiron. Like its name suggests, those with Cradle patterns tend to need to be “babied” and also to “baby” others, especially when needy Mars-in-Taurus is the singleton/handle. Mars-in-Taurus people can become “big babies” themselves anyway. This tense pattern/planet-in-sign combo is suggestive of those perpetually reliving a kind of Freudian ‘primal scene’ in which sex between mother and father is imagined only from a childish fantastic point of view (think too of Madonna who was born within days of Jackson. She also has this placement and her name alone evokes imagery of *the* supposed ‘immaculate conception’). In one of Jackson’s video-clips (“Thriller”?) he even assumes a guise like that of Freud’s “wolf-boy” (thus also confusing the categories of animal/human).

Secondly, Mercury in Leo is Jackson’s most aspected planet, forming aspects with his Moon’s Nodes and all of his planets except Uranus, Moon, and Neptune. While Mars is most infantile, Mercury is most childish. With Mercury thus over-aspected in performative Leo, Jackson has perpetually projected his image as that of a child-man who never wants to grow up into the land of full adulthood, or rather as a kind of child-parent himself (and as we have seen above as a kind of child-adult hybrid). It even seems to remain beyond the imagination of most people that Jackson could ever participate in a ‘primal scene’ himself. He is not imagined (despite his protests) as being capable of having the sort of sex that would conceive a baby, and this just adds to his Mercury-in-Leo type of star-child superstardom.

So we can see how the Neptunian Jackson with his Cradle pattern and prominent Leonine Mercury stars as a kind of Peter Pan, but why the big kafuffle now?

At present, part of Jackson’s Cradle has been activated by the transiting Saturn-Pluto/Mars opposition such that there is a Grand Sextile operating in his chart. Ignoring his natal Mars, we see that he already has the five points of a Grand Sextile in his natal chart: moving around the chart we see that Mercury, North Node, Saturn, Chiron and South Node are separated by sextiles. Currently, transiting Saturn at 22 Gemini has linked these five points up to fill the vacancy in his natal chart and form a Grand Hex, while also forming an opposition with his natal Saturn. Ouch-ee-yow-wow! Meanwhile, the transiting Pluto/Mars conjunction has landed on his natal Saturn to add insult to injury.

Also, the concurrent transiting Aquarius-Leo Neptune-Jupiter opposition has pulled Jackson in all different directions, an especially big upset for him because he has these two planets in a conjunction in his natal chart. Equally unsettling is the location of natal Uranus at one end of the transiting opposition. Neptune and Jupiter are the planets most associated with the mass circulation media. Being born with them in a triple conjunction with his North Node, Jackson has lived his life under the media spotlight, but now that they have separated and opposed each other by transit, opinion about him has divided and polarised within their glare. Transiting North Node in dualistic Gemini squaring his natal Pluto/Sun conjunction is also adding to the divide-and-conquer effect.

I must say as a queer astrologer that I find much of the abuse of Michael Jackson by the media and everyday people to be tasteless at best and xeno-phobic, homo-phobic, trans-phobic, racist, sexist, and heterosexist, at worst. There is no need for such character assassinations. All they do is expose what hateful societies we live in. Like all people Jackson should be respected for the way he chooses to express himself. It hasn’t been proven that he has done anything to hurt anyone, including children (or himself), despite the gossip.

While Michael Jackson might hope that the current arrangement of transiting planets will never land in his chart again, he should be re-assured that it never will, and that despite the current celestial crunch, however tough and tense things become under such Neptune-Jupiter & Saturn-Pluto/Mars oppositions, the Grand Sextile nevertheless brings a rare chance to lay forth a plan for the effective building of a more fluid and magical structure in one’s life. After all, this Grand Hex is one of the best arrangements in his chart and occurs every time a planet transits or progresses over about 22 degrees Gemini. With Saturn at this point now Jackson is facing many challenges. Whatever the outcomes of these challenges, his fame will certainly re-increase. With his natal Pluto-Sun conjunction disposited by Chiron in Aquarius his life in general will inevitably entail a rather bumpy ride and difficulties in ‘getting off’ (in all senses of the phrase). I hope he has a soft landing.

Sy Scholfield Astroqueer’s Stars: