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An international directory of LGBTQI & LGBTQI-friendly astrologers

* astrobarry.
 (San Francisco, California, USA)
astrobarry (Barry Perlman) combines his extensive astrological knowledge, experience and intuition to interpret your chart with caring and clarity. He has been featured in the New York Times and on the CBS Evening News, and currently writes a sun-sign column for FAMOUS (an Aussie celebrity weekly). He’s also a rather likable chap, if he does say so himself. Check out www.astrobarry.com for his distinctive weekly horoscopes and astro-writings.

* Bob Makransky.
 (Coban, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala)
The author of several books, including Magical Living: Essays for the New Age, Bob Makransky offers various astrological services: chart readings, elections, horoscope comparisons, hororary questions and trends. Check out his Astrology Corner ("Astrology, shamanism, magic, free monthly astro-magical e-zine, free downloadable Mayan Horoscope software, free downloadable Planetary Hours calculator, free downloadable Primary Directions / celestial sphere mathematics textbook, articles, books, stories, cartoons, etc!"). MAGICAL ALMANAC is Bob Makransky's free monthly e-zine of astrology and magic.

* Madam Lichtenstein.
 (New York, New York, USA)
'Stargayzing' author of the fabulous book, Herscopes: A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians. Madame Lichtenstein is "the most widely published astrologer in the gay and lesbian press. Her monthly, weekly, and biweekly horoscopes are internationally syndicated in both print publications and Web sites, ...throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico." For more info on Madam's wonderful book and its phenomenal author, visit Charlene directly at The Starry Eye!

* Holger A. L. Faß,
 (Berlin & Cologne, Germany)
Holger A. L. Faß is a professional German astrologer, consultant, astrology teacher, workshop leader and author of astrology books and articles. He combines psychological issues with astrology, especially methods of systemic therapy. Thus he is not a fortune-teller who makes predictions. Instead he helps people on their path of personal development in a compassionate and friendly way; especially with relationship affairs and career matters. He invented a technique called "Horoskopaufstellung" ("systemic-chart-constellation"), where you interact with parts of your birth-chart. Contact Holger at either of his two offices: he has one in Berlin & one in Cologne (Germany's gayest cities!), or via his websites: www.lebendige-astrologie.de & . Along with Astrology, Holger A. L. Faß is into music (opera, jazz), nature, human rights and animal rights."

* Irene Dietrich.
 (Berlin, Germany)
Combining psychological Astrology with a spiritual view, Irene Dietrich takes a direct and very humorous approach, focusing on what to do here and now with a particular emphasis on practical applications. "Healing can only start once we get in touch with our sorrow and pain. I feel the most accomplished when my clients leave with a clear sense of direction." Her blog deals with astrological and spiritual aspects in daily life. She also leads workshops and provides a coaching service with particular emphasis on practical decisions based on the astrological chart. For more information, contact Irene through her websites www.irene-dietrich.de and www.mediale-astrologie.de or email kontakt@irene-dietrich.de.

* Jason Holley, MA, LMHC.
 (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
Jason is a psychotherapist, astrologer, and educator. His practice is focused primarily on working transformatively with the deep structures of Self and Psyche. Jason offers chart readings for individuals, couples, and groups, as well as longer-term depth-oriented astrological counseling, focusing on areas such as family dynamics and the internalization of family patterns; sexuality and relationships; identification and transformation of deep karmic patterns including past-life regression; and the recovery of joyful living through discovering one's natural rhythms and cycles. Jason also offers regular astrology classes and teaches courses in Psychology of Consciousness and Human Development at Southwestern College, an accredited graduate school founded with the explicit intention of facilitating the transition to the Aquarian Age. Check out his blog, The Soul's Curriculum, and his website.

* Jenny Yates.
 (Ecuador & USA)
"Roving lesbian astrologer, whose mission in life is to make astrology accessible and useful to all women." Jenny Yates splits her time between the North and South American continents, offering consultations and workshops in person, and star reports by email.

* Joe Perez, BA (Hons).
 (Seattle, Washington, USA)
American webhost who pens a daily weblog and two bi-weekly newspaper columns, The Soulful Warrior and Soulfully Gay. His website includes the Soulful Blogger, his star chart, and astro-consultancy page. Joe Perez offers astrology birthchart readings to clients locally in Seattle and from across the USA. His readings "use soulful astrology as a tool for inspiration, growing self-awareness, and practical guidance for the spiritual life" and he strives "to respect the beliefs and spiritual path of my clients regardless of their religion or lack of religion."

* Kevin Burk, B.A. (Hons), C.A. NCGR (IV).
 (San Diego, California, USA)
Author of Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart, The Complete Node Book and Astrology Math Made Easy. In his "Ask Kevin" pages Kevin Burk writes in regard to "gay signatures" in astrology: "Just as there are no "bad" planets and no "good" planets (or aspects, for that matter), there are also no "sex" planets, either. All planets, all aspects can be experienced through our sexuality, just as they can be experienced in every other way possible (and, in fact, they are)." For a consultation visit his the real astrology website.

* Laurie Farrington.
 (Burlington, Vermont, USA)
Laurie has been a practising consultant and teacher of Astrology in the Burlington, Vermont area since 1994. Having studied with Noel Tyl for several years she now follows the 'Tyl Method' of psychology based astrology. For more information or to arrange a consultation in person or by telephone please visit Laurie's Astro Lore website.

* Lilly Roddy, BA.
 (Houston, Texas, USA)
Lilly Roddy counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters, and conducts Past Life Regressions. Based in Houston, TX, she writes an Astrological column for the local Health And Spirit magazine, teaches classes in Astrology, runs a karate school, is a Reiki Master, and a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan and Tae Kwon Do. Lilly has a 3rd Degree black belt in martial arts. Formerly known as "Phil Roddy," she began her gender transition in 1997 and is an active member of the Houston Transgender Social Club. For more information or a chart reading visit Lilly's Hermes' Foot website.

* Neil D. Paris.
 (Hollywood, California, USA)
An English Astrologer based in the USA, Neil Paris is also the resident astrologer for Gaydar Radio (broadcast across Europe from London, England). Formerly with the Linda Goodman Foundation, he specializes in Natal Astrology Readings, Relationship Compatibility, Past Lives Analysis and Life Purpose & Destiny Directions as found in the Astrological Birth Chart. To contact Neil for a reading visit his New World Astrology website.

* Paul H. Richard.
 (Portland, Oregon, USA)
A soul mentor, spiritual "director," evolutionary astrologer, counselor, teacher, workshop presenter, Labyrinth facilitator, life-coach and Bible scholar with 27 years experience, Paul H. Richard has deep roots in Native American, Celtic, and Christian spiritualities; mythology; archetypal psychology; art; ritual and symbol; shamanistic tradition; and dream work. Through an imaginal dialogue with the Soul, using the ancient arts of his ancestors and the modern arts of depth psychology, Paul seeks to enhance your awareness of the sacred tools and abilities you have been given, so that you can create a life of passion, purpose, and meaning. Contact him at Soul Focused Consulting.

* Robert Samson, M.A., D.D.
 (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
Robert Samson has been practicing psychological astrology for over two decades with an international clientele. His readings combine spiritual insight born of real life experience with down to earth, practical wisdom that allows people to make sense of their lives, particularly in times of crisis. Between 1989-1994 he worked as a Past Life Facilitator at the Light Institute outside Santa Fe, made famous by Shirley MacLaine. In 1997 he moved to San Francisco where he founded the Men's Shadow Group for gay men. He also wrote popular astrology columns for several gay newspapers---the SF Bay Times, Bay Windows in Boston and the Washington Blade. Robert is the author of "End of the Night," a memoir about the spiritual meaning of life threatening illness. He returned to Santa Fe in 2001, where he currently lives. Contact Robert at Samson Stars.

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