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The AstroQueer websites are part of my business as a data researcher, collector and distributor. These websites provide information to the public for entertainment, research and study purposes. Free use of these websites is allowed upon the following conditions.


Because these websites contributes to my livelihood it is necessary for me to protect my business interests. Unless otherwise stated, I, Simon A. Scholfield (also known as Sy Scholfield) retain ownership of all right, title and interest in all copyrights in all documents, articles, text, images, data, interactive media, and software on the Astroqueer and associated sites, including www.queer-stars.com, and www.lesbian-stars.com.


The brand names "Astroqueer," "Queer Stars," "Gay Stars," "Lesbian Stars," "Bisexual Stars" and "Transgender Stars," and all associated logos are trademarks of Simon Astley Scholfield and the Astroqueer site.

Prior to coining and trademarking these names I conducted comprehensive research and found no previous use of these words, terms and logos in other works and media. I hold intellectual copyright on 'Astroqueer' which is a word that I invented. Use of this word in any format or media by anyone else is prohibited. The other brand names mentioned above ("Queer Stars," "Lesbian Stars" and so on) also may not be used in any media or production about lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people, issues or events, or about Astrology or Astronomy, or associated themes.

The Astrology Charts on this site have been made using the Solar Fire software. These charts, their colour schemes and other features designed by me are trademarks of the Astroqueer site.

Please do not use my trademarks. If you want a trademark, conduct your own research and come up with your own words, terms and designs.

Data Copyright

This Web site contains Astrological Data (also known as "Astro-Data") -- meaning the names, dates, places and times of birth and death of various people, and dates, places and times of other events -- that have been selected from my research collection.

I have spent thousands of dollars and many years researching and purchasing birth certificates, searching through bookshops, rolling microfilm in libraries, scanning electronic databases, and interviewing people, etc, in order to compile my collection so that people have accurate data and reliable Astrology charts for their study and entertainment. I hold copyright on this information, including astro-data used here at Astroqueer, meaning that conditions are placed on how, what part of, and where my data may be republished or redistributed.

Please feel free to link to webpages on my sites

If you intend to publish my data please ask yourself first if it is necessary to do so. For example, if you want to mention or discuss Melissa Etheridge's chart in your blog or on your website then I suggest that you simply write something like "Melissa Etheridge has Virgo Rising according to Sy Scholfield's chart for her at Astroqueer.com." (including a hyperlink like the one I've provided). I encourage you to link to webpages on the Astroqueer websites in this way, rather than republishing information such as Etheridge's time of birth which is part of the copyrighted information in my collection.

Free Private Use of My Data

Individuals are permitted to electronically copy material published on this site and to make print-outs thereof, solely for their personal information, provided that the copyright symbol and my name beside it appear thereon and provided that the materials are not modified.

Fees for Public Use of My Data

Publication of My Data on a Website or Mailing List, etc, or in a book, CD, etc: The flat rate is USD$10 per data. As long as you do not change the basic title and format of the website, book or CD, etc, then there is no charge for subsequent editions. However, if you change your book into a CD or website or change your CD into a book then (even if you retain the same title) the fee is $10 per data again.

Method of Payment: I accept payment via www.paypal.com to my email address.

Please also note that the conditions of use of my data not only include payment of the relevant fee, but also that you notify me of the date and place of publication and that you include full attribution to me as the data collector. (In the case of data you publish on the internet that includes a viable hyperlink back to this website, or to my name domain "www.syscholfield.com" as part of the attribution).

For more information please visit www.syscholfield.com/fees.html

Further Allowances

Permission is granted to the Internet Archive (www.archive.org) to record this Web site as a historical collection.

Permission is granted to users of Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) to cite names, dates, years and places of birth from the Astroqueer websites on condition that the citation ackowledges me by name as the collector of the information and includes a hyperlink to the relevant page plus the URL for that page. The service is offered to compilers and readers of Wikipedia articles who would like accurate information about when and where people were born, etc. But please note that times of birth or times of other events published on the Astroqueer sites may not be republished on Wikipedia.


The owner wishes to acknowledge Astrological data collectors who have granted him permission to add their data to his collection. The name of any such collector should appear below the relevant chart. Any visitor to this Web site should contact the collector of such data for their permission before republishing their data, because such data is not only held under copyright protection by Simon Astley Scholfield but also by the copyright of the original collector.

Privacy Policy

The owner of this Web site wishes to respect the privacy of living persons. It is understood that although birth and death data for people from certain countries (for example, the United Kingdom and New Zealand) and certain states (for example, California and Massachusetts) are public information, generally information such as the date, year and place of birth of individuals (regardless of the source) is not published on this website unless previously published elsewhere, or unless permission has been granted to publish the information. This does not apply to the time of birth of an individual (which is not identifying information).

Mirroring of this website is prohibited

Without the express written permission from Simon Astley Scholfield, you may not retransmit any files from this Web site, or any modified versions thereof. You may not create a mirror version of this Web site.


This Web site contains links to other Web sites. These links are provided to you only as a convenience. Such linked sites are not under the control of Simon Astley Scholfield and he is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply his endorsement of the site, and he shall have no responsibility for information which is referenced by or linked to this Web site.


If you wish to contact me about any of these matters or with queries about use of my data (including commercial use in exchange for payment) then please email me.


Copyright 1997-2012 Simon A. Scholfield, also known as Sy Scholfield.
All Rights Reserved in All Media.