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Sy Scholfield's
genealogy & astrology database resources

for the search & purchase of birth, death & marriage (BDM) records

birth records
* If you're after info' on Astro-data (birth record) research then Lois Rodden's Data Collector's Handbook will be indispensible. Her on-line handbook lists and reviews (internet, disk, book and magazine) data collections, explains how to obtain data, and includes helpful resources such as a history of calendars, time zones and their changes. Jodie & Steven Forrest provide some detailed info' too.
United States
Start with the National Center for Health Statistics (Where to write for vital records) or the Vital Records bureau, then maybe the Public Record Finder which has various freely-accessable USA BMD indices.

California Births (1905-1995), Marriages (1949-1986) & Deaths (??);

Kentucky Births (1911-2002) & Deaths (1900-2002);

and Texas Births (1926-1997).

Also check out Arizona Genealogy Birth (1887-1929) and Death Certificates (1878-1954) (all viewable online),

Oregon State Archives Vital Records (1864-1917),

Minnesota Births (1900-1911) & Deaths (1905-1996);

West Virginia Births (1816-1930), Deaths (1853-1970) and Marriages (1856-1970).

Rootsweb and the Celebrity Genealogy Index may also be of interest. Celebrity Trees" are family trees of famous folk. The free Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is a very handy resource.

Australia & New Zealand
Australian BDM certificates are available from the state and territory government registries of

the Australian Capital Territory,

Queensland (search online QLD births index, 1829-1914),

New South Wales (search NSW births indexes, 1788-1907),

Northern Territory,

South Australia,

Victoria (search, purchase & view VIC birth certificates from 1853 to 1907),

Tasmania and

Western Australia (search online WA births index, 1841 to 1931).

Access to birth records is generally closed to non-family members of the public until about 100 years after the event.
Like in the UK, all New Zealand birth certificates are available for purchase through open access as public information.
Australian and New Zealand birth records do not generally include the time of birth. Times of birth may be available from some hospitals.

United Kingdom
Birth certificates for anyone born here since 1837 (yes, including the Queen) are available for purchase (on-line) from the General Register Office, through the Family Records Centre. More info at St Catherine's House, and the Free BMD where you can search English & Welsh records (since 1837) on-line. The General Register Office of Northern Ireland has birth certificates from 1864. In England, Wales & Northern Ireland only the birth certificates of twins and other multiple births contain birth times.

On the other hand, Scottish birth certificates (from 1855) contain the time of birth, with those for the past 100 years available from The General Register Office for Scotland, while those over a century old can be purchased and viewed on-line at Scotland's People. Scots Origins offers a commercial service.

Ordering Birth Registration Certificates from England and Wales is also helpful.

In British Columbia birth records are restricted for 100 years after the event (see Ministry of Health), while certificates prior to that time are available through on-line searching of the BC Archives' Vital Events Indexes (births, 1872-1903, etc). See also, Archives of Ontario (births 1869-1908, etc); Office of the Registrar General (Ontario BCs); Ontario Genealogical Society. Times of birth are available on application to people born at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto & Ottawa Hospital.
"extrait d'acte de naissance". View examples of French birth certificates, 1799-1988, Guide Généalogie.
* Order German Birth Certificates here
Singapore ("Eligibility: Any person may apply for a certified birth extract under the Registration of Births and Deaths (RBD) Act.");
South Africa
South Africa

Major AstroData Research Collections
These collections contain the dates, times, and places of birth of famous people ("birth data" or "natal data") and for other events (generally known as "mundane data"). They are important and reliable resources because the information they contain was put together through the research efforts of their compilers, and because the data they contain are rated according to their degree of accuracy. Also, these collectors acknowledge the efforts of other data collectors by giving them credit if their work is contained within their own collections.
* Archives Gauquelin is a free database containing 143,860 birth data of mostly French public figures, collected by planetary researchers Michel & Françoise Gauquelin.

* Frank C. Clifford's book, British Entertainers: The Astrological Profiles (which includes a selection of my data) is now available from Flare Publications. This amazing book combines astrology with the concise biographies of over 800 prominent personalities from the worlds of film, theatre, TV, comedy and music (and contains data for queer icons such as Shirley Bassey, Boy George, Maggie Kirkpatrick, and many many more).

* The Scholfield Historical Event Database (The SHED) is a private collection containing thousands of data, selections of which are available at the online Queer Stars (collection of charts of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and events), and Aussie Stars (Astrological Profiles of Prominent Australians) website. Simon Astley Scholfield has also released selections of his data for inclusion in Astrodatabank, British Entertainers and the Australian Data Collection.

* Solar Fire Gold, a software CD (available from Esoteric Technologies), provides over 2000 data, including Stephanie Johnson's Australian Data Collection, Frank C. Clifford's Data Compendium of 500 charts, and several hundered data from the Scholfield Collection.

* The Steinbrecher Astrological Data Collection, the legacy of Ed Steinbrecher (1930-2002), is now overseen by Ed's nephew and protege Stephen Connors. The online version contains 144 free charts for famous people (including Chastity Bono & Rock Hudson), while offering the option of purchasing a subscription. Visit www.astrocye.com. This collection also contains a large number of GLBT data.

* Hans Taeger & Thomas Siegfried's gorgeous astro~Buddhist website includes information about their Taeger Archive which is available on CD-Rom.

* Grazia Bordoni's Data Di Nascita collection contains over 40,000 entries, particularly Italian and other European data. Email: grabor@tin.it.

* John McKay-Clements' excellent book, The Canadian Astrology Collection: Timed Birth Data of Prominent Canadians (with charts for 750 personalities in the categories of sports, entertainment, sciences, politics, as well as some historical and poltical events) is available from Donna Van Toen, via cvantoe@attglobal.net.

* Dennis Sutton's AHA's 50 Australian Charts is available for AUD$30 from 21C Astrologer, 14 Lasburn Crescent, Carlingford, NSW 2118, Australia; or by email ("lasburns@optusnet.com.au").

* Didier Geslain's Ils ont marqué 2005 (Newsmakers of 2005), is an extraordinary CD compilation of more than 240 personalities who made the French news in 2005. Classified according to various categories and also referenced by alphabetical index, the CD contains the co-ordinates of each person's place of birth, plus relevant topics and personal information about the subject. Ils ont marqué 2005 is the first "jewel" in Geslain's forthcoming EssenCiels collection of astrological compact discs. Also see, Geslain's Les Astro DN & Les Dates de Didier Geslain.

* The Austrian Sternwelten AstroDaten seems to be an excellent site, including "horoskopes" for politicians, artists, and events, etc. Some of the data is based on original research.

* Alexandre Pecking's Genealogical Site has a section featuring celebrity birth and death certificates.

Other collections
Beware! The information in these collections may be unreliable if they do not contain accuracy ratings and sources that give credit to the original collectors of the data. Also some of these data may have since been updated.

* Astropro's Celebrity Horoscope DataFinder was compiled in 1999 from the Gauquelin & Rodden collections, etc, by Richard Nolle.

* Considerations magazine has an Excellent list of mundane and other data.

* Gene@Star lists the ancestors of famous people and has copies of some of their birth certificates viewable on-line.

* Wolfstar's Newscopes interpret the charts of contemporary people in the public eye, along with countries and current events.

* Zodiac Gazette's Chart Central contains charts, some with references to sources.

* About.com's selection of Celebrity Data links.

* Star Bios at the Adze Mixxe (1953-97) Memorial website.

* Celebrity Horoscopes.

* Robert Couteau's AstroCartography.


* Astrologix contains a Twin base where you can register your personal data and seek out your time twin/s, while Birthdays Today is interesting (but who are all those people?!).

* "DAV" (Deutschen Astrologen-Verbandes) is a comprehensive German astrological database which provides timed data and sources. To access the database, start with, which will show you surnames beginning with A but only those where the first two letters are AB. Then, if you want to find, for example, Richard Burton then go to The formula is < > where x is the first letter of the surname (capital letter) and yy is the first two names of the surname (capital letters). This is a collection of other researchers' data so check with the original source for accuracy or data updates.

* Claudia von Schierstedt's Hermes Data-News and the German Meridian Magazine both seem to focus on the stockmarket.


* Italian Celebrity Data is available at Laura's Armonie Stellari.


* Data from Andrew J. Bevan. (updated link!)


* Alexey Penzensky's Nostradamiana has a database of Russian & Yugoslavian leaders' charts.


* Swedish Celebrity Data comes from Ivan Wilhelm (look under "birth data collections").

* Swedish Horoskopdata from Stjarnrummet.


* Zodiacal Zephyr's Royal Reference Room has charts for lots of Queens!


* The Astrological Association of Great Britain has an Online Chart Database of over 6000 notable birthdays and events (but available only to members!).

Also treat these with caution !
Astrodatenbank; Astro Sign; KernAstro Horoskop-Datenbank;

the All Movie & Music Guides, Astrozine, the Internet Movie Database, Mr ShowBiz, PopcornQ, RollingStone, the Star Archive and the charmingly-titled Find-a-Grave & Dead People Server sites. Also, some of the websites listed at AstroThek

* Astrodienst. If you know the date of a person's birth then you can make their chart and then look under "VIPs" for their name to see if a birth time is available. The free chart-making service is excellent but the data for famous people contains no data sources.

* The Family Search genealogical site hosted by the Mormon Church contains info that may point you in the right direction...

* As does the American Ancestry.com pages, which includes many helpful links such as the Social Security Death Index.

* The Khaldea Online Astrological Chart Gallery features "1,000 Natal Horoscopes of Truly Interesting People" but unfortunately, again, without data references, ratings or sources. Is this another collection of stolen data??

* Matrix Space Celebrity Astro~Search sounds pretty far out and apparently has birth data (some timed) but beware, there are no references given to sources, so somebody could have just made it all up!

* Zodiacal Zephyr's Celebrity Data looks great at first, but while there are adequate references to some sources, most of the data is totally unreliable.

* David and Myra Williamson's Earth Stars: Charts on the Web allows you to vote for an astro-chart from their wide selection, some of which are already available, but then again, there's no data references or sources given.

Stolen Data Collections
The following collections are compilations of data that has been stolen from research collectors.
* The Astrotheme website is part of a commercial enterprise that does nothing for the Astrological community or for the betterment of Astrology. Astrotheme claims to provide "more than 67,200 free interpreted astrological charts of celebrities in English and French, with interactive maps of the heavens and pictures." Unfortunately these thousands of charts and interpretations are completely unreliable, because most of the data for them has been stolen from astro-data research collections (like those listed above) and published by Astrotheme regardless of their accuracy.

The name of the owner of Astrotheme will not be found on its website, but the service provider lists him as Philippe Lepoivre. Mr Lepoivre has stolen thousands of astro-data from researchers and collectors (including hundreds of my data), publishing them on his website without accuracy ratings and without asking permission, and without giving attribution to collectors for use of their work, let alone payment. Furthermore, Mr Lepoivre has stolen copyrighted photographs and used his website to publish personal and private details about living persons without their permission. I have emailed Astrotheme and Mr Lepoivre several times about these matters but they have never replied. Please do not have anything to do with the Astrotheme company or Mr Lepoivre except to tell everyone you can about how shameful they are.

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