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for the search & purchase of birth, death & marriage (BDM) records

United States
Start with the National Center for Health Statistics (Where to write for vital records) or the Vital Records bureau, then maybe the Public Record Finder which has various freely-accessable USA BMD indices.

California Births (1905-1995), Marriages (1949-1986) & Deaths (??);

Kentucky Births (1911-2002) & Deaths (1900-2002);

and Texas Births (1926-1997).

Also check out Arizona Genealogy Birth (1887-1929) and Death Certificates (1878-1954) (all viewable online),

Oregon State Archives Vital Records (1864-1917),

Minnesota Births (1900-1911) & Deaths (1905-1996);

West Virginia Births (1816-1930), Deaths (1853-1970) and Marriages (1856-1970).

Rootsweb and the Celebrity Genealogy Index may also be of interest. Celebrity Trees" are family trees of famous folk. The free Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is a very handy resource.

Australia & New Zealand
Australian BDM certificates are available from the state and territory government registries of

the Australian Capital Territory,

Queensland (search online QLD births index, 1829-1914),

New South Wales (search NSW births indexes, 1788-1907),

Northern Territory,

South Australia,

Victoria (search, purchase & view VIC birth certificates from 1853 to 1907),

Tasmania and

Western Australia (search online WA births index, 1841 to 1931).

Access to birth records is generally closed to non-family members of the public until about 100 years after the event.
Like in the UK, all New Zealand birth certificates are available for purchase through open access as public information.
Australian and New Zealand birth records do not generally include the time of birth. Times of birth may be available from some hospitals.

United Kingdom
Birth certificates for anyone born here since 1837 (yes, including the Queen) are available for purchase (on-line) from the General Register Office, through the Family Records Centre. More info at St Catherine's House, and the Free BMD where you can search English & Welsh records (since 1837) on-line. The General Register Office of Northern Ireland has birth certificates from 1864. In England, Wales & Northern Ireland only the birth certificates of twins and other multiple births contain birth times.

On the other hand, Scottish birth certificates (from 1855) contain the time of birth, with those for the past 100 years available from The General Register Office for Scotland, while those over a century old can be purchased and viewed on-line at Scotland's People. Scots Origins offers a commercial service.

Ordering Birth Registration Certificates from England and Wales is also helpful.

In British Columbia birth records are restricted for 100 years after the event (see Ministry of Health), while certificates prior to that time are available through on-line searching of the BC Archives' Vital Events Indexes (births, 1872-1903, etc). See also, Archives of Ontario (births 1869-1908, etc); Office of the Registrar General (Ontario BCs); Ontario Genealogical Society. Times of birth are available on application to people born at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto & Ottawa Hospital.
"extrait d'acte de naissance". View examples of French birth certificates, 1799-1988, Guide Généalogie.
* Order German Birth Certificates here
Singapore ("Eligibility: Any person may apply for a certified birth extract under the Registration of Births and Deaths (RBD) Act.");
South Africa
South Africa