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gLbt links / astrology links

gLbt links

White Crane Journal

Radical Faeries

Faerie Camp Destiny

Chicago Faeries

QGLBT Archives, Libraries, Herstory, History

Lavender Legacies Guide {USA}

AIDS Library {Philadelphia}

Australian Lesbian & Gay Archives {Melbourne}

Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives {Toronto}

Centro de Documentação Prof. Dr. Luiz Mott {Curitiba}

Common Lives/Lesbian Lives {Iowa Women's Archives}

Deaf Queer Resource Center {}

Feminist and Lesbian Periodical Collection {Oregon}

From History to Herstory {Yorkshire}

Gay & Lesbian archives {Virginia Commonwealth University}

Gay and Lesbian History {National Archives of the UK}

Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action {Johannesburg}

G & L Studies {NY Public Library}

Gay Center {NYC}

Genesis Project {London Metropolitan Uni}

Gerber/Hart Library {Chicago}

Gulf Coast {Houston}

Hall-Carpenter Archives {London School of Economics}

Historical Society {San Francisco}

HomoDok - IHLIA {Amsterdam}

Homosexuality in 18th Century England {}

Hudler Archives {UWO, London, Ontario}

Human Sexuality Collection {Cornell University}

irish Queer Archive {Dublin}

Isle of Lesbos: letters and journals {}

James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center {San Francisco Public Library}

John J. McNeill & Charles Chiarelli G & L Liberation Archives {CLGS, Berkeley}

Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive {Middlesex University}

Lesbian Archive and Information Centre {Glasgow Women's Library}

Lesbian Herstory Archives {Brooklyn}

LGBT Studies Archive {Yale}

Mahamya {India}

Mazer Lesbian Archives {West Hollywood}

New Zealand {Wellington}

Ohio Lesbian Archives {Cincinnati}

ONE Institute & Archives {Los Angeles}

Pacific Northwest Lesbian Archives {Seattle}

People with a History {Fordham University, Bronx}

Québec Gay Archives {Montréal}

Religious Archives Network {Berkeley}

RoSa Documentatiecentrum en Archief {Brussells}

St. Louis Lesbian and Gay Archives {University of Missouri}

Stonewall Library & Archives {Fort Lauderdale}

Suzan Daniel Fund - fonds suzan daniel {Belgium}

Victorian Women's Liberation and Lesbian Feminist Archive {University of Melbourne}

queer bookshops
The Bookshop {Sydney}

Hares & Hyenas {Melbourne}

Lambda Rising & Oscar Wilde {USA}

STONEWALL Veterans' Association {Manhattan}

queer folk


A-Z of famous gay, lesbian and bisexual people


Bi Women on the Web

BlackList {African-American}


GLBTQ Encyclopedia

Knitting Circle (UK}

Larger than Life GLBT Heroes

Lesbians of All Colors

Musicians {Queer Radio}

Out Athletes {global}

Out List


Queer Celebs

Russian Out List

Speak Truth

3500 Rainbow Lives

queer theory

queer media

Gay Bazaar's Find-A-Paper

MetaGrid G/L

Pride Depot Media

Yahoo L, G & B Newspapers

Advocate {Los Angeles}

After Ellen

After Elton

Capital Xtra {Ottawa}

Curve (USA)

DIVA (Lesbian Europe)

Gay Times {London}

Gay Web Monkey {}

Lavender {Lez USA}

Lesbian Life

Lesbian News {USA}

Lesbians on the Loose {Sydney}

Out in Perth (Western Australia)

Out Magazine

Planet Out

Queensland Pride {Brisbane}

Q News {Brisbane}

Rainbow Network

Sydney Star Observer

"Visionary" {Gay Spirit Visions}

Washington Blade

queer resources

Bisexual Resource Center

blackstarflower pic

astrology links


Candy Hillenbrand's A Place in Space "is dedicated to disseminating quality leading-edge articles from astrologers around the globe," particularly through The Wholistic Astrologer which has included Peter Clamp's article, "The Astrology of Homophobia."

Elbert Wade. American author of Your Man In the Moon--Love and Sex: The Lunar Connection, whose popular website provides a "'Treasure Trove' of Informative and Entertaining Astrological Information Available Nowhere Else!."

John & Susan Townley's AstroCocktail is the only major daily news source about real astrology and who's using it around the world.

Paul Wade teaches astrology and offers astro-consultations from a converted OastHouse in rural East Sussex (outside London, UK) as well as through his Astrology Wizard website that includes free zodiac screensavers, fun astrology games, free monthly forecasts, free Sun sign analyses, & the astrologywizard chatroom & forum!

Richard Brown (Toronto). His Gay Astrology, Queer Astrology: Queer Stars for Queer People has articles & links & information about his books.

Kevin Burk (San Diego). The Real Astrology (formerly Astrological Horoscopes & Forecasts) is a comprehensive resource of astrology information, articles, classes, books, resources, and links.

Astrologie: Zwarte Lichten is a Dutch site with a lot of information about Lilith, or more precisely about the Black Illuminations.


Frank Clifford (London). His Flare Publications was formed in 1996 to publish astrology and palmistry books, as well as bring these subjects to businesses and media events. Its authors and staff are professional consultants and teachers, most of whom are available for corporate events and parties.

Founded in 1995, www.Astrologer.com is the original and best resource for professional astrology. If you want to consult an astrologer over the telephone now, you can select from a range of top professionals or book a reading. Or if you want to track down an astrologer in your area, go to Metalog our directory of astrologers. You can also select a printed report on your chart written by top astrologers.

www.Horoscope.com has free horoscopes, astrology, numerology, etc.

Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Superstore sells Books, Audios, Crystals, Dream Catchers, Hopi Candles, Tarot, Incense, Aromatherapy - everything from Alchemy to Zen. PMBS also has Reviews, a Message Board, News, Chat, Birth Charts & a New Age Link Directory.

Spirit And Sky is a "Spiritual Knowledge Repository" - an authoritative, informative, and educational portal on all things spiritual.

Zodiacal Zephyr has an abundance of astrological resouces.



Astrobarry (san Francisco).

Astrology Chick by Auracle

Jeffrey Kishner's Seduction central (Brooklyn, NYC).

Mystic Medusa (Sydney), author of many books & the resident astrologer for the national weekly, Australian Magazine, has a blog.


Adrian Duncan: UK-Danish astrologer with a Welsh background. Download his Astrology For Lovers programme here.

Angel from Atlanta runs Male Witch, a dotcom which includes an astrology links page.

Anne Wright. Australian astrologer & authority on the fixed stars.

The Arabic Parts Calculator is a great resource.

Arielle Guttman. American astrologer, who co-authored Astro*Carto*Graphy (1989) -- a landmark text on Relocation Astrology -- with gay astrologer, Jim Lewis (1941-95).

Art Charts is one of the better commercial astrology websites.

Astrologisk Museum in Denmark.

Astrology House includes the The Astrology Foundation Incorporated (AFI) of New Zealand.

Astro*Synthesis is a four year training program in applied astrology, available from the Chiron Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

AstroWorld -- Political Astrological Insight and Prediction

Basil Fearrington. USA-born, South African astrologer and musician.

Bernadette Brady. Australian astrologer and host of AstroLogos (Adelaide). Her publications include: the astrological software package, JigSaw (Astrolabe, USA and Esoteric Technologies, Australia) which she created with Esoteric Technologies; and her books: The Eagle and the Lark: a Textbook of Predictive Astrology (Weisers USA, 1992) which has been translated into Portuguese, Russian and Dutch; and Brady�s Book of Fixed Stars (Weisers, USA 1998) which has been translated into Russian.

Bill Streett's Astro-Noetics

Cheryl - a teacher, healer, and astrologer with a background in health care - runs the Soular System from Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Christine Broadbent is a Sydney astrologer who writes for Australian Wellbeing magazine.

The Church of Light...

Daniel Giamario and Carolyn Brent. Shamanic Astrology (which is run by these Arizona-based astrologers) provides a free informative monthly "Celestial Timings" newsletter by email.

Dave J. Cantrall, a Professional Astrologer, born in Northern California in February 1944, currently resides in Reno, Nevada. "He has been successfully forecasting events - of personal and world scope – since 1965."

Skyscript: Deborah Houlding (1962-). UK founder and editor of The Traditional Astrologer journal (1993-).

Donna Cunningham (Donna's Free Astrology). American astrologer and author of several books (including Healing Pluto Problems) who hosts the Astrologer's Memorial and the AIDS Quilt for Astrology websites.

Elizabeth's Sexual Astrology offers astrology reports specifically for women, men, gay men and lesbian women...

Eric Francis from Planet Waves is "an experienced sexuality workshop leader and writer in the field of sexual growth, alternative relationship lifestyles, and questions of monogamy and polyamory . . . Subject matter such as gay and lesbian relationships or comings-out, bisexuality, masturbation, healing guilt and shame, and healing sexual abuse are all open for discussion."

Federation of Australian Astrologers (AFA).

Gretchen Lawlor's We'Moon Web includes lesbian and bisexual women's viewpoints, and info on the annual We'Moon calendar...

James Braha is "The Astrologer Who Brought Hindu/Vedic Astrology To The West."

Jeff Jawer. American co-founder of StarIQ.com, which has included articles about sexuality (particularly those by queer astrologer, Jill Dearman).

Jeffrey Wolf Green (1946-). American astrologer, who courageously wrote about the pre-verbal sexual abuse he received while in infancy, in the essay, "Trauma and the Outer Planets," in How to Personalize the Outer Planets (edited by Noel Tyl, 1992).

Jodie Forrest (MA) & Steven Forrest. Astrologer couple based in North Carolina.

Jonathan Clark Dunn provides an excellent resource base for those interested in asteroids, along with some curious reflections on the "Libran Cultural Revolution."

Kelli Fox's Goddess Astrology discusses the major asteroids.

Keri Seppala (Finland).

Lady Hawke has info on the Void of Course Moon.

Kim Lai's Tibetan Astrology Network is a fascinating site.

Laura's Astralis is an Astro-website in Italian and English.

(J) Lee Lehmann, PhD. [See her biog.] American Queen of astrological studies of lesbians and gays. Her 1994 article on "Delineating Sexuality" in Sexuality in the Horoscope provided an innovative perspective on female homosexuality through the discussion of the charts of a lesbian couple. Her many public speaking topics include, "Predicting Homosexuality from the Horoscope: A Review." As she explains: "This lecture reviews the astrological theories of homosexuality and evaluates them using logical and statistical techniques. In addition to a considerable discussion of the subject matter, the lecture provides an illustration of the application of probability to astrology."

Lex Bruining's AstroLit is the "world's largest bibliographical database on ASTROlogical journal LITerature," comprising "a collection of 18,000 references to astrological articles found in more than 50 literature databases from a variety of fields" where you can "See what other disciplines have put forward with respect to astrology or how astrology influences other fields."

Lilly Calandrello is a psychic healing facilitator with a webpage of astrology and horoscope links.

Linda Reid hosts "panplanet."

Liz Greene (1946-). Qualified Jungian analyst who has successfully combined Jung's theories with astrology, and who, in an interview by Christine Broadbent (see above) in Australian Wellbeing in 1986, revealed her views about archetypal figures which influence a person's sexuality. Liz Greene has written popular astrology books ranging from Relating (which includes her date twin, the homosexual 'Victor') to her most recent Neptune. She also co-authored several titles with gay astrologer, Howard Sasportas (1948-92), including The Inner Planets and The Luminarist. Liz Greene is also a Co-director of the Centre for Psychological Astrology based in London and she runs seminars around the world.

The London School of Astrology was founded to celebrate the start of the New Millennium by Sue Tompkins and Christine Tate, two astrologers who have been successfully working together for over 15 years. The LSA offers courses, classes, seminars and exams in Astrology.

Lorraine Valente's Fuschia Stars.

If you are in need of guidance then Lynda Hill's wonderful Sabian Symbols Oracle may help you find the answer/s.

Male Witch's "Angel" has a Wiccan Wheel of the Year

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones (1888-1980). American author of the landmark text, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology (1953), which includes 1000 data for well-known people, of whom at least 10% are now known to have been queer or to have been involved in queer cultural productions.

Mark S. McNutt and Mary Gold-McNutt run the Yewwood Retreat Center in Deadwood, Oregon.

Martha Lang-Wescott's TreeHouse Mountain Astrology contains an excellent overview of astro-basics about asteroids, and includes ephemerides...

Mary Shea has a couple of free online astro-books: on Solar Returns and Transits.

Master Rao's Chinese Astrology includes an excellent table of Chinese Zodiac Signs from 1880 to 2020 AD.

Max Heindel (1865-1919). Text of his Simplified Scientific Astrology and Philosophic Encyclopedia from the astro section of the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

Metamaze has an amazing number of Sun/Moon combos for celebrities.

Michael McClain's Astrology-Numerology is an excellent site with info on the basics of both.

Michael Star. Canadian astrologer.

Nick Campion is an authority on Mundane & other areas of Astrology.

Nicoli Ann Bailey's "Managing Mercury Retrograde" (2001).

Noel Tyl (1936-). American astrologer, writer and editor. His many books included the landmark edited volume of essays, Sexuality in the Horoscope (1994).

Palden Jenkins (1950-). U.K. author of Living in Time (1987), which provides an interesting (Yin/Yang) overview of the gendering of the astrological Signs.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles and Kay Eileen Meyer host the New Age Study of Humanity�s Purpose's Era of Peace pages where you can subscribe to their wonderful email newsletter.

Peter Doughty. American, his astrological timeline linking historical events with major planetary conjunctions is compelling.

Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology (RGCSA)

Richard Nolle (1950-). American astrologer and writer. His AstroPro website is a popular compendium of astrological links and information.

Robert Hand (1942-). American author of many books including Planets In love (which included discussion of the solar charts of the Marquis de Sade amongst others).

Tarot-reader Robert Lee Camp provides free Destiny Readings.

Robert von Heeren (1964-). German authority on the recently-discovered Kuiper Belt Objects. His site includes astrology charts for the discoveries of some of these outer planetoids, including 1996TL66 & Varuna (one of which may one day be assigned rulership of Libra).

At the Sabian Oracle you can meditate, click, and bring up a degree of wisdom to help you muse over a "situation."

Sandy Hughes (1946-). Neptune-born astrologer who provides consultations over the web from Vancouver. She has a special interest in Chiron and the Asteroids and hosts several web addresses including Ms Veggie's Patch and the homophobia-free Aquarian Zone (which has links to lesbian & gay Bible stories).

Signe Quinn Taff's God Centered Astrology has great info about Moon Wobbles.

Solstice Point

Stephen Connors moderates the Inner Guide Meditation mailing list.

Storm Cestavani (1957-). American astrologer, who co-hosts various e-mailing lists, including "Horary Today," "Horary," "Saturn," "AstroPsych," and "Q2_AstroWeather."

Sue Simmons' 3 Liliths is the "place for info on all 3 astrological Liliths: the asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith and Dark Moon Lilith." You can subscribe for free (or read on-line) here for "Hard to find info in one convenient place, on what each one is, orbits, glyphs, common errors and where to find articles, tapes, books and ephemerides, whether on-line, in software, or in print. Updated periodically."

Understanding Astrology, says it all really!

Volmarr Wyrd is a Vedic vegetarian astrologer from New Orleans.

Widget's Astrology World.

William L. Cassidy's Asian Astrology pages include info on Chinese, Tibetan & Vietnamese Astrology.

Your Planets is a Vedic Astrology website where you can get your free chart calculated according to this ancient Indian system.

Y2G: Horoscope

Zane B. Stein (1951-). American authority on the Centaur asteroids, particularly Chiron.

Zodiac Master.


Wonderful gifts with astrological themes are available from Zodiac Pride Sun Sign Designs

The Virtual Numerologist provides basic reports on your birth and name numbers.

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