Aussie Stars
Astrological Data for Australia and New Zealand

This freely-available, comprehensive, fully-referenced and reliably-rated databank includes both natal and mundane data and horoscope charts for well-known Aussies and Kiwis. The natal data collection includes Along with data I have collected over many years through research, this collection includes data from various books that have been out-of-print for many years. It seems silly that these data are only available to people by having to travel to libraries and dig them out...

Each set of data includes a horoscope chart generated by the on-line Astrodienst website using Equal Houses. Charts displaying other house systems and asteroids can also be made at this website and make them there.

While New Zealand follows the British standard in allowing the public to purchase the certificate of any registered birth through the Births, Marriages & Deaths dept, Australian state governments exercise some of the tightest controls over access to birth certificates in the English-speaking world. They are mostly closed-shops when it comes to ....with birth certificates only available about 80-100 years after someone is born.

Dates, places and times of birth for Australians and New Zealanders are notoriously unreliable. With this website I hope to clear up some of the misinformation. For example, I've seen various dates for the birth of legendary actor Frank Thring. It wasn't until I checked them against "births" classifieds in Melbourne's Age newspaper that I found a record stating he was born 11 May 1926 in that city. This doesn't help me with a time of birth but I do know from looking at a chart for this date and place that he was born a "double Taurus" (i.e. with both luminaries in the sign of the Bull).

many thanks to all the data collectors. If you have updates, corrections or new data please email them to me, and please be patient. It takes years of continual research to build, maintain and update this website, a volunteer effort on my part.

   Natal Data

current galaxy

stellar all-rounders
Paul McDermott 1962 Kylie Minogue 1968. Bert Newton 1938. Ian Thorpe 1982. Mark Trevorrow (a.k.a. Bob Downe) 1959.

screen stars
Kerry Armstrong 195?. Eric Bana 1968. Cate Blanchett 1969. Bryan Brown 1947. Toni Collette 1972. Russell Crowe 1964. Judy Davis 1955. Alex Dimitriades 1973. Jason Donovan 1968. Sara-Marie Fedele 1978. Rebecca Gibney 1964. Hugh Jackman 1968. Claudia Karvan 1972. Nicole Kidman 1967. Kate Langbroek 1963. Paul McDermott 1962. Blair McDonough 1981. Rove McManus 1974. Sam Neill 1947. Peter O'Brien 1960. Peter Phelps 1960. Geoffrey Rush 1951. Tobin Saunders (Vanessa Wagner) 1964. Rob Sitch 1962 (The Panel). Gary Sweet ?. Magda Szubanski 1961 (Kath & Kim). Abi Tucker 1973. Naomi Watts 1969.

Frances O'Connor 1969?, Samuel Johnson, Deborah Mailman, Spencer McLaren, Sibylla Budd, Joel Edgerton 5.2.74., Tom Long (boston), John Safran Dec 1973? Lisa McCune 1971.

stage luminaries
Todd McKenney 1965.

Kristy Hinze 1979. Megan Gale 1975? Imogen Bailey ? Sarah O'Hare 1972.

Tina Arena 1967. Ella Hooper 19?? Natalie Imbruglia 1975. Daniel Johns 1979?. Danielle Spencer 1970. Holly Valance 1983.

Cathy Freeman 1973. Matt Welsh 1976.

alphabetical by surname

Prue Acton 194? Angel 1980. Robyn Archer 1948. Adrian & Mark Arena 1966. Sallyanne Atkinson 1942. Janine Balding 1967-88. Tony Barber 1940. James K. Baxter 1926-72. Joh Bjelke-Peterson 1911. Peter Blake 1948-2001. Peter Blazey 1939-97. Grahame Bond 1943. Martin Boyd 1893-1972. Jack Brabham 1926. Ron Brierley 1937. June Bronhill 1929. Bob Brown 1944. Bryan Brown 1947. John Buck 1942. Arpad Busson 1998. Garth Carpenter 1940. Azaria Chamberlain 1980-80. Kahlia Chamberlain 1982. Victor Chang 1936-91. Jono Coleman 1956. Barry Crump 1935-96. Dymphna Cusack 1902-81. Alfred Deakin 1856-1919. Ernie Dingo 1956. Jason Donovan 1968. Judith Durham 1943. Brian Edwards 1937. Herb Elliott 1938. Kris Fontaine 1957. Dawn Fraser 1937. Malcolm Fraser 1930. Donald Friend 1915-?. Jenny George 1947. Gibb brothers! Mel Gibson 1956. John Gorton 1911-2002. Shane Gould 1956. Germaine Greer 1939. Joan Hammond 1912-96. Bob Hawke 1929. Robert Helpmann 1909-86. Sara Henderson ? Lleyton Hewitt 1981. Deni Hines 1970. Patrick Hockey 1948-92. Paul Hogan 1939. Peter Holmes Court 1968. Harold Holt 1908-?. Keith Holyoake 1904-83. Frieda Hughes 1960. Merv Hughes 1961. Barry Humphries 1934. Jonathan Hunt 1939. Michael Hutchence 1960. Rowena Jackson 1926 Marilyn Jones 1940. Kamahl 1934. Paul Keating 1944. Jenny Kee 1947. Cheryl Kernot 1948. Charles Kingsford-Smith 1897-1935. Michael Kirby 1939. Maggie Kirkpatrick 1941. Anthony Lawrence 1957. Andy Leslie 1944. Zoe Leyland 1984. Dorothea Mackellar 1885-1968. Jack Marshall 1912-88. Bruce Mason 1921-82. Amanda & Stephen Mays 1981. Peter McIntyre 1910-95. Patricia McKelvey 1942. Bruce McLaren 1937-70. Julian McMahon 1968. Dame Nellie Melba 1861-1931. Alannah Mikac 1989-96. Madeline Mikac 1992-1996. Ivan Milat 1944. Harry M. Miller 1934. Mirka Mora 1928. Robert Muldoon 1921-92. Rupert Murdoch 1931. John Newcombe 1944. Bert Newton 1938. Olivia Newton-John 1948. Alyssa & Bethany Nolan 2001. Rosaleen Norton 1917-79. Cath Phillips 1955. Gwen Plumb 1912-2002. Joshua Rafter 2002. Patrick Rafter 1972. Peter Read 1923-81. Helen Reddy 1941. Candice Reed 1980. Tom Richards 1948. June Salter 1932-2001. Madeleine Shortte 1992. John Singleton 1941. Anne Summers 1945. Joan Sutherland 1926. Gary Sweet 1957. Magda Szubanski 1961. Nick Tate 1942. Ian Thorpe 1982. Pamela Travers 1899-1996. Christos Tsiolkas 1965. Mark Trevorrow (Bob Downe) 1959. Mark Waugh 1965. Steve Waugh 1965. Jackie Weaver 1947. Dick Weir 1948. Patrick White 1912-90. Brett Whiteley 1939-92.

Asia-Pacific Neighbours

Xanana Gusm?o 1946. Achmed Sukarno 1901-70. Megawati Sukarnoputri 1947.


alphabetical by category


Donald Friend 1915-89. Patrick Hockey 1948-92. Brett Whiteley 1939-92.

Garth Carpenter 1940.



Celebrities' Kids
Joshua Rafter 2002.

Bert Newton 1938.

Angel 1980. Robyn Archer 1948. Peter Blazey 1939-97. Bob Brown 1944. Kris Fontaine 1957. Donald Friend 1915-89. Robert Helpmann 1909-86. Patrick Hockey 1948-92. Michael Kirby 1939. Cath Phillips 1955. Mark Trevorrow (Bob Downe) 1959. Christos Tsiolkas 1965.

News Figures


Dawn Fraser 1937. Lleyton Hewitt 1981. Ian Thorpe 1982.

Judith Durham 1943. Olivia Newton-John 1948.

Dymphna Cusack 1902-81. Christos Tsiolkas 1965. Patrick White 1912-90.

Reproductive Technology Births
Guare Triplets 1983. Zoe Leyland 1984. Amanda & Stephen Mays 1981. Candice Reed 1980. Madeleine Shortte 1992.

Multiple Births
Adrian & Mark Arena 1966. Guare Triplets 1983. Alyssa & Bethany Nolan 2001. Waugh Twins 1965.

   Mundane Data

body politics

Australian Federation 1901. New Zealand.

Asia-Pacific Neighbours: East Timor 2002. Fiji ? Indonesia 194? Papua New Guinea 1975.

States & Territories
Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia.

Cities (over 100 000 people)
Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Cairns, Christchurch, Darwin, Dunedin, Geelong, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Townsville, Wellington, Woollongong


( With Aquarius on the MC in the Federation chart, Australians are an inventive bunch!

patented designs & trademarks
Canvas Chair 1931. Tarzan's Grip 1935. Electric Jug 1949. Victa Lawn Mower 1955. Hills Hoist 1956. Chesty Bonds 1956. Folding Chair 1961. Speedo's 1976. Qantas ('Flying Kangaroo') 1979. Brymay Redheads 1980. Portable Cooler ('Esky') 1987.

Vegemite 1923. Holden car 1948.

national anthems
Advance Australia Fair 19.4.1984.


(in descending order of height)
Sky Tower (Auckland) 1997. Centrepoint Tower (Sydney, 305m) 1981. Eureka Tower (Melbourne, 297m) 2004. Q1 (Gold Coast, 275m) 2005. 120 Collins (Melbourne, 264m) 1991. 101 Collins (Melbourne, 260m) 1991. Rialto Towers (Melbourne, 251m) 1985. Riparian Plaza (Brisbane, 246m) 2003. Citigroup Centre (Sydney, 243m) 2000. Chifley Tower (Sydney, 240m) 1992. World Tower (Sydney, 240m) 2004. MLC Centre (Sydney, 228m) 1978. Governor Phillip Tower (Sydney, 227m) 1993. Central Park Tower (Perth, 226m) 1992. Bourke Place (Melbourne, 224m) 1991. Telstra Corporate Building (Melbourne, 219m) 1992. Bank West Tower (Perth, 214m) 1988. Melbourne Central (211m) 1991. Aurora Apartments (Brisbane, 204m) 2005. Freshwater Place, North & South Towers (Melbourne, 203m) 2005.

Queen Victoria Building 1898. Luna Park 1935. Australia Square 1967.

Harbour Bridge (Sydney) 1932. Storey Bridge (Brisbane) 1940. Westgate (Melbourne) Goodwill Bridge (Brisbane) 2001.

Sydney Opera House 1973. National Gallery of Australia 1982. National Museum of Australia 2001. Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa 1998.

Parliament House (Canberra) 1927. Beehive (Wellington)

Media Organs
Sydney Morning Herald 18?? Courier-Mail ?? ABC Radio ABC Tv Channel 7 Channel 9 Channel 0/10 SBS 1980.

Cult TV Shows
Skippy 1968?-? Number 96 1972-78. Auntie Jack 197? The Box 1974-? Prisoner 1979-? Neighbours 1985-? Home & Away

Mount Kembla Mine Explosion 1902. Westgate Bridge Collapse 1970. Darwin's Cyclone Tracy 1974. Brisbane Flood 1974. Granville Train Crash 1977. Ash Wednesday Fires 1983. Newcastle Earthquake 1989. imternational events
Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956. British Empire & Commonwealth Games, Perth 1962. Commonwealth Games, Brisbane 1982. Expo, Brisbane 1988. Olympics Games, Sydney 2000. Goodwill Games, Brisbane 2001?


data collections

This database includes information from other astrodata collectors. Many Aussies and Kiwis were born overseas,... I understand that these data are given in the spirit of research. please support these data collectors by purchasing their collections.

Oz & NZ

* Bennett, Jane & Craig McIntosh. A handbook of Astrology for Australia and New Zealand (Richmond, Victoria: Greenhouse Publications, 1986). Their groundbreaking Handbook which includes ? charts is currently out of print, but available in many libraries, including the National Library of Australia and the National Library of NZ, and occasionally in second-hand bookshops. Keep your eyes peeled!

* Carpenter, Garth. Author of Aspects of Astrology for New Zealanders and Australians (Auckland, NZ: Beaux Arts, 1974). As Aspects is out of print and difficult to find, Garth kindly gave me permission to re-publish his data here. Copies of his Aspects are held at several branches of the National Library of NZ, State Library of NSW and National Library of Australia. Email Garth at ?.

* Gunzburg, Darrelyn, ed. Under Capricorn: An Anthology of Australian Astrology (Welland, SA: Federation of Australian Astrologer's Board of Publications, 1989).

* Scholfield, Simon Astley. Rainbow Charts . Collection of global GLBT data. Email him at

* Sutton, Dennis. AHA's 50 Australian charts (Yarralumla, ACT: Academy of Hermetic Astrology, 1996) & Hollywood: An Astrological Assessment (Yarralumla, ACT: D.W. Sutton, 1994). Both of these books are available from Dennis by writing to him at ??.


* Bordoni, Grazia. Italian data collector, compiler of the ?, available from ? Email her at

* Clifford, Frank C. Author of British Entertainers: The Astrological Profiles which is available from Flare Publications. Email Frank at ?.

* Edmund-Jones, Marc (1888-1980). Sabian Symbols

* Gerard, Caroline. Scottish data collector.

* Rodden, Lois. AstroDataBank

* Steinbrecher, Edwin C. (1930-2002) & Stephen Connors. Steinbrecher Astrological Data Collection

Rodden Ratings

time zones

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