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a free star portal for gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender (gLbt) folk

"The universe may be not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose" (J.S. Haldane, 1860-1936)


charts collection
Free charts of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender public figures & events can be found in my gLbt stars collection. The charts are accompanied by pictures and astro-profiles, and suggested gifts available from Amazon.com. I designed the coloured chart wheels using Solar Fire software. The rainbow collection includes charts for icons such as Barbie, Divine, Lou Sullivan, The Topp Twins, & Andy Warhol, plus many more. Recent additions can be found in the column at Right >>>
lgbt & other astrologers

Personal astrology charts and readings are available from the queer folk in my consultant astrologers directory. This list of 'out' astrologers includes their brief profiles and info about their publications, websites, etc. The lgbt astrologers of the past is a list of often unrecognised queer occult practitioners from our rich history. A list of even more astrologers includes some folk who have produced works dealing with homo-, bi- & trans-sexual issues, or who are of general interest.
a bit about me

I'm an openly-gay Australian guy working on a Master of Philosophy thesis in Queer Studies, and a book about queer astrology. Of mixed English, Chinese & Jewish ancestry, I have dual Australian-British nationality. I enjoy cryptic crosswords, yoga, and lap-swimming. I like animals and am a vegan. My brief biography has more about me including links to my astrology chart, and (coming soon) my star-blog (a scrapbook of text and pix about my life according to annual planetary returns).

gLbt star charts

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Alvin Ailey
With the ruler of his Ascendant conjunct Pluto in his 8th House, the late African-American director, dancer & choreographer left behind a brilliant legacy ...

Alyson Annan
This Aussie sportswoman has a Grand Air Trine & unaspected Jupiter on her midheaven that helped her to win an Olympic gold medal in Field Hockey at the Sydney 2000 Olympics ...

Jackie Curtis
With the very sensitive & dramatic combination of Sun in the first degre of Pisces ruling his Leo Ascendant this actor, playwright, poet & cabaret singer became one of Andy Warhol's "Superstars" ...

Melissa Ferrick
With a Boomerang pattern to Uranus in Libra at the base of her chart this American singer-songwriter continually grounds herself as a musical role model and symbol of freedom for queer youth tackling sexuality issues...

Raven Kaldera
The F2M author of Hermaphrodeities & MythAstrology has the Sun on the inter-gender cusp of the 4th and 5th houses, which respectively represent feminine and masculine spaces ...

Dan Mathews
With all three Fire planets prominent in his chart plus a triple Scorpio stellium this animal rights activist is a spirited and livewire campaigner with endless passion for his cause ...

Amelie Maursemo
The French tennis champ has the fiery & sporty combination of Jupiter in Leo at the apex of a fixed T-square pattern, all on her midheaven no less...

Jack Pierson
With Mars in Cancer leading his Locomotive Shape from the Ascendant this photographer of the male nude creates lovely imagery of the softer side of masculinity ...

Bishop Gene Robinson
With Pluto rising closely conjunct his Ascendant, the first openly-gay Anglican Bishop is a born survivor, while the Sun on his North Node explains his spiritual quest & leadership qualities ...

Tom Robinson
This sexually fluid English Rock Star has the planets ruling the mutable signs on his houses of sexuality and romance both in aspect to his Sun, making him “bi and proud” ...

Topp Twins (Jools and Linda)
The first degree of Aquarius rises in the composite chart of these Kiwi entertainers & cultural icons making them a wonderfully offbeat and original pair ...

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