"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"
-- Oscar Wilde

While some dismiss astrology by simply saying, "I don't believe in it," everyone should acknowledge the influence astrology has on many people's outlooks. Many of these people are gays and lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders (or "LGBTs")...

Who or What's "Queer"?
'Queer' here refers to LGBTs. Not just as an umbrella term that is easier to say than the mantric mouthful "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender" -- but also as a political term appropriated by queers themsleves. As a political term "queer" when used as adjective or noun denotes one who is politically active rather than just gay or lesbian...

A Queer Face?
The smiley face symbol (at top right) that identifies Astroqueer's Stars comprises a queer face. Diana Fuss has asserted in her Inside/Out: Lesbian Theories, Gay Theories (1991) that....
The queer rainbow face con-fuses Moon (feminine) and Sun (masculine) images to make a 'poly-sexual' trans-gendered visage; a trip through the Rainbow Colo(u)rs to lavender pink.. (This symbol (Chiron in Pisces rules my Ascendant) and a reflection of my own Sun/Moon/Neptune T-Square pattern)

For those of you who are new to astrology, my BASIC ASTROLOGY zone helps with some fundamental explanations about the planets, signs, houses, aspects, patterns, shapes, and other features of horoscopes.

Reclaiming the history of queer astrologers.... Ed Steinbrecher... I have provided contacts for some professional astrological consultants...

Queer-phobia in Astrology
Generally in Astrological discourse (via the media of books, data collections, magazines, conference papers, websites), the sexuality of LGBTs of great achievement is ignored (and thus read as heterosexual and non-transgender) while case studies of tragic "homosexuals" are (misre)presented as exemplary queer characters.

These tragic cases range from Adolf Hitler, described in astrologer Penny Thornton's ? as a feminine homosexual rather than as the ultra-misogynist and ultra-homophobe that he was.

This is not always the case, though. In the landmark text, Sexuality in the Horoscope (Tyl 1994)..., although a reprinted edition of the title carries a picture of a man and woman embracing on the cover. Again and again in mainstream astrological discourse, "sexuality" is re-presented -- to be read and pictured -- as meaning "heterosexuality."

My Rainbow Charts Collection
Many astro-databases do not adequately acknowledge the sexuality of their subjects (or ignore this area of their lives completely), meaning that data-collecting becomes another area of astrological discourse in which queer lives and achievements are marginalised or rendered altogether invisible.

Many astrologers simply do not mention the sexualities of their subjects.

For example, the collection of 1000 people's birth data in Marc Edmund Jones' Sabian Symbols (1954, reprinted 1993) includes that for lesbians (Marie Dressler, Selma Lagerlöf), gays (Noël Coward, David Lewis, Richard Loeb), cross-dressers (J. Edgar Hoover, Jack Benny), and bisexuals (Sarah Bernhardt, Tallulah Bankhead, Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, Lauritz Melchior, Vaslav Nijinsky, Tyrone Power, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ted Shawn, Rudolph Valentino, Oscar Wilde), etc.

Further, the Sabian Symbols list also includes birth data for people who were (at least ostensibly) heterosexual and involved in influential queer (or anti-queer) productions. For instance, lawyer Clarence Darrow (who defended infamous inverts Richard Loeb & Nathan Leopold Jnr in their trial for murder in Chicago in the mid 1920s); cartoonist Walt Disney (who created the classic 1940 camp animated film Fantasia with its dancing pink elephants); psychologist Havelock Ellis & psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (who were key figures in the construction of modern homosexual identities); writers Compton Mckenzie & Algernon Swinburne (whose respective novels, Extraordinary Women (1928) & Lesbia Brandon (written c. 1870?, pub. 1952) feature modern lesbian figures); and England's Queen Victoria (who refused to sign laws against lesbianism because she would not imagine such a thing!).

Therefore -- at the very least -- one tenth of the Sabian Symbols' charts can be seen as being of queer interest. Yet to look at this collection nothings revealed about this! While only occupational info is provided the presumption would be that all were heterosexual; the likelihood being that more would be known about each person's race and religion than about their sexuality. Stars at this time had to remain closeted...My Rainbow Charts collection counters the marginalisation of queers in astrological data collections (and the larger astrological discourse) by identifying and championing the lives of queer people and those who have shaped queer identities and cultures. while these insights make the collection itself far more fascinating for study.

No one will be "outed" here at Astroqueer's Stars. All information about a person's sexuality will be drawn from biographical materials and listed in the references.

(Re)Delineating "Signatures" for Queerness

Astro-signatures are about.... Astrologer Marion March has made some valid comments about this issue:

There are all kinds of "signatures" for homosexuality floating around and they should all be viewed with great skepticism. According to recent statistics, 1/6th of the population of Western civilized [sic] countries is homosexual. They can't all have the same signature, just as religion or race has no signature. In fact, unless told, we don't even know if a horoscope is male or female (March 1984: 160).

Moreover, if not told, we can't know whether an astrology chart is for the birth of a human or an animal (a "natal chart"), or for another event such as the opening of a building or the inauguration of a city or country (a "mundane chart"). An astrological chart simply provides a diagram showing the positions of the luminaries (Moon & Sun) and the planets (including planetoids Pluto & Chiron) for any moment in time. While the natal chart will not conclusively reveal whether the sex of the person, the astrologer (who interprets the diagram) looks to the positions of the Moon and Sun to assess the subject's feminine and masculine sides. So, with sexuality: the chart will not reveal the person's sexuality but we can look to the position of Uranus -- as many astrologers have done -- to assess the subject's queerness...

Probably little will be gained from opposing research of astrological signatures for homo-, bi- and trans-sexuality because this will continue regardless (not least among gay and lesbian astrologers themselves), just as bio-scientists will continue to search for 'indicators' (and 'cures') for gayness (and some gays and lesbians too).

Astrologers have claimed (without much success) that factors such as hard aspects between the luminaries and Uranus, etc, indicate homosexuality... So what, one might ask instead, are the astrological indicators of bisexuality, transsexuality and heterosexuality? Etc?

This is not the purpose for providing Astroqueer's Stars. Rather just to keep these matters in check. If anything, on the contrary, the Rainbow Charts indicate that while queers are as fascinating as their charts, there is little (if anything) to signify queerness (or straightness)...certainly not by

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