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On~Line & Print Astro~Zines

Apollon (UK, 1998-). Representing the world-renowned Centre for Psychological Astrology (1983-) in London, Appollon features articles by leading practitioners in both astrology and psychology. Edited by gay astrologer, Dermod Moore, this magazine is published three times a year -- issue #2 covered "Relationships and Sexuality" & included Dermod's article, "Reflections on Ganymede" (1999).

AstroFlash (Fr)
Astrologer's Apprentice (UK)
Astrological Journal (UK).
Astrologie Heute (Germany).
AFI Journal (New Zealand). From the Astrology Federation Incorporated.
AstroMind (US)
Bulletin Critique (Fr)
Celebrity Astrology (?)
Considerations (New York, 1983-). This is "an independent magazine, unrelated to any astrological group or organization. It has no special axe to grind; no proprietary viewpoint. Our subject is Astrology in its entirety. We're excited by all aspects: fascinated by the inevitable progress of the seasons, curious about the ordered rhythms of the heavenly bodies and how these relate to human life." Articles on sexuality (including transsexuality) have appeared in Considerations.

CURA (France)
Data News (USA). Lois Rodden publishes this bi-monthly data newsletter that contains 20-30 new and updated birth data with bios, data sources, some pictures, and always a fun cartoon. Data News has included data & bios for rainbow folks such as Melissa Etheridge. Sunscribe now!!
FAA Journal (Australia). From the Australian Federation of Astrologers.
Hermes (Ger)
MerCur: Trends Aus Astrologie Und Psychologie (Germany)
Mercury Hour (US, 1974-). Edith Custer's award-winning print magazine.

Meridian (Ger)
Mountain Astrologer (US)
PlanEtos (?)
Southern Astrologer (Oz, 1997-2000). Now defunct print magazine covering astrology in Australia and New Zealand. Back copies available from Spica.
Star-IQ (USA) is a refreshingly unique astrology website that offers free personalized forecasts by email, original daily content on astrology and sports, health, celebrities, finance and other subjects, as well as a guide to astrology conferences, organizations and practitioners worldwide. This site includes articles about sexuality & Jill Dearman is a regular contributor.

Sternwelten (Germany) is an on-line magazine with astrological articles, databanks, and other links, as well as a homeopathy section.

Traditional Astrologer (UK)
Transit (UK)
Welcome To Planet Earth (US)
The Wholistic Astrologer (Oz, 1999-)-- "A Quarterly International Astrology Journal for the New Millennium" -- is an excellent print journal that has included various articles on astrology and homosexuality (and homophobia).

Zodiac Gazette (US)
Zodiac Master (?)