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Free astrology charts can be made at Astrodienst using various horoscope styles that can include different house systems, Chiron, asteroids, progressions, etc. Basic chart readings are also available. Astrologix is a similar European service. Astrolabe has a chart of the moment where you can check current planetary positions, and offers a free chart & mini-reading by email. You can add the Kuiper Belt object 1996TL66 [which is a candidate for the ruler of Libra] to your chart from the preliminary ephemeris for the planetoid [note the ephemeris seems to be as elusive as the planet and has currently gone missing!!]. Today's Calendar & Clock Page gives the time, date & year through various calendars & a world clock. After making your chart you can check out readings of your Sun/Moon sign combinations at MetaMaze. Astrowin provides FREE chart-making programs for downloading.

Find time changes in N.Z.

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Apollon (UK) * AstroFlash (Fr) * Astrologer's Apprentice (UK) * Astrological Journal (UK) * Astrologie Heute * AstroMind (US) * AstroZine (?) * Bulletin Critique (Fr) * Data News (USA) * Hermes (Ger) * MerCur (Ger) * Mercury Hour (US) * Meridian (Ger)* Mountain Astrologer (US) * PlanEtos * (?) Southern Astrologer (Oz) * Traditional Astrologer (UK) * Transit (UK) * Welcome To Planet Earth (US) * Zodiac Gazette (US) * Zodiac Master (?)

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ACS Publications * Adyar (Sydney) * Alibris (U.S.) * Amazon (U.S.) * AstroAmerica * Astrology Shop (London) * Astrology et al Bookstore (Seattle) * AstroStar (Sacramento) * Barnes & Noble (U.S.) * The Bookstore (San Francisco) * R'ship books * Spica (Brisbane).

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