"The universe may be not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose" (J.S. Haldane, 1860-1936)

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This free global astrology portal for the queer millennium (or queerennium) includes a database of LGBT celebrity astro-charts, a list of gay-friendly astrologers, and links to articles on gender & sexuality issues. A comprehensive bibliography of astro-texts about astrology & sexuality is also included, along with much, much more for those lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders (LGBTs) and their friends who are into the stars!! (So please enjoy surfing around. There are more details below!)

English astro-wizard, Paul Wade, recommends this website as "a vital resource for the 21st. Century!" My queer and not-so-queer peers have variously called Astroqueer's Stars:- "wonderful" (Charlene Lichtenstein), "really helpful" (Ingrid Sell), "beautiful" (Christopher Weidner), "very interesting" (Elbert Wade) and "most professional and informative" (Steven Clair). Famous American astro-data collector, Lois Rodden (1928-2003), said this dotcom is "very elegant, [with] good artwork, [while it's] easy to find your way around." German-Irish astrologe/in, Hans Taeger, hails it as "a reliable and very well-informed site [that is] a real treasure for the gay & lesbian astro-community!" Highly-respected Los Angeles astro-genie, Bill Mayer says, "The Astroqueer site offers a rich well of unique information ... and is in my opinion, the finest gay astrology source on the internet." British astrodata king Frank C. Clifford has the final word: "excellent, colourful and exciting to browse and ... an important resource for biographies and data. Whether straight or queer all astrologers should visit here!"

-- Simon says many thanks folks for the encouraging and colourful language!

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23rd July 2003

Free charts for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender celebrities & events can be found in my Rainbow Charts collection. There are no str8 white men to be found here but there's an array of horoscopes for trannies, dykes, transboys & gay swishes. My collection includes charts for icons like Barbie, Divine, Lou Sullivan, Melissa Etheridge, & Andy Warhol. Recent additions can be found below...
NEW EVENT CHARTS --> National Coming Out Day (annual American event since 11 October 1988) -- Greater New York (the city with probably the largest communities of LGBT folk) -- The AIDS Memorial Quilt (the world's largest ongoing community arts project) -- Teletubbies (cult kidult t.v.show) -- Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (Chart for the biggest and queerest festival in the world) -- Equality Rocks (Chart for the queer "Concert for the New Century") -- Vermont Civil-Unions Bill (Chart for the signing of the first State law in the US to allow same-sex domestic partnerships) -- World Pride Roma 2000 (Chart for the first mass LGBTQ March past the Colosseum) -- Astroqueer's Stars (Chart for this website!)

NEW NATAL CHARTS --> Del LaGrace Volcano (Hermaphrodyké > Transman Photographer & Film-maker) -- Scott Capurro (American gay comic, actor & writer) -- Waylon Smithers & Montgomery Burns (the gay Odd Couple of cartoonland) -- Brian Greig (gay interim leader of the Democrats, Australia's third largest political party) -- Tom Robinson (bisexual English rock star, broadcaster & activist) -- Michael Kirby (gay Aussie High Court judge) -- Alvin Ailey (gay African-American dancer & choreographer, founder of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater) -- Dan Mathews (gay Amerikan animal rights activist, director of campaigns for PeTA) -- Raven Kaldera (FTM Amerikan organic farmer & author of Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook) -- Holly Johnson (gay Brit singer from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, painter & writer) -- Angel (gay Aussie graphic web designer & host of Mogenic: the world's leading gay youth website) -- Annie Sprinkle (American "Post-Porn Modernist" performance artist, ex-Porn Star, Photographer, Pagan Love/Sex Goddess) -- Kenneth Williams (1926-88, Gay British Actor, Comedian, Writer, Raconteur) -- Eddie Izzard (Brit hetero transvestite comedian & "male lesbian") -- Mark Trevorrow (UPDATED!!! Gay Aussie comedian & cabaret star, a.k.a. "Bob Downe," fantabulous compere of several Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras telecasts) -- Yukio Mishima (Japanese gay/bi writer) -- Sinéad O'Connor (Irish bisexual singer, popstar, priest, psychic & Rastafarian) -- Robyn Archer (Aussie Lesbian Actress, Cabaret Chanteuse, Writer, Arts Activist & Festival Director) -- Keith Haring (Gay Amerikan graffiti artist of the cartoonesque radiant baby, barking dog & other motifs) -- Charlene Lichtenstein (New Yorker, a.ka. "Madame," author of HerScopes: A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians) -- Jack Fertig (Sky-diving San Franciscoan gay astrologer) -- Lisa-Marie Vizaniari (Lesbian qualifier from the Aussie team for Women's Discus at the Sydney Olympics) -- Julian Clary (Camp Brit Comedian, Film Actor, and Television Compére).

Some of the charts from my Rainbow collection come from the collections of other astrological data collectors while some of these collectors include charts from my collection in their databases. That's "data-trading" for you! More info on these collectors and their phenomenal databases can be found in my Astro-Databases section.
So what's in your Stars? If you're after some basic blurbs then try these: the DAILY Chinese Fortune Cookie, WEEKLY Sun Sign readings from "Mystic Medusa" & Kerwin McLeister's "Divined By The Stars;" Symboline's WEEKLY Moon Signs; the FORTNIGHTLY report by Astro-Wizard Steven Clair; the MONTHLY reports from Madame 'Starry Eye' Lichtenstein (including the zany Zodiascope & Petscope), Hermes' Foot by Lilly Roddy, Your Gay Monthly Horoscope from Richard Brown, and Dr Lauren Meggison's Startalk, and the VARIOUS reports by Gretchen Lawlor. Oh, and don't forget the I Ching oracle. That should keep you busy!

Check out who shares your birthday at Queery.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous you can make your very own Free Astrology Chart. Astrology charts contain various features such as planets, signs, houses, aspects, patterns & shapes. You will soon be able to find out more about these basic parts of astrology in the Glossary. There are also links to recommended On~Line & In~Print Astro~Zines and Bookshops.

Astrologers from around the world have shared their views about sexuality and gender issues in various On~Line Articles. For example, Simon Wicham-Smith in his "Black Moon Lilith and the Tabu of Gender Dysphoria: Some Preliminary Thoughts," proposes that True BML indicates "the way in which the subject deals with tabus and the way in which his or her society works with tabus [including those] surrounding sex and gender and sexuality." And yes, he welcomes input from other folks interested in his research...
If you would like someone to make your personal astrology chart or reading for you, then the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Astrologers section includes a list of consultant LGBTQ Astrologers (along with more info on their charts, bios, books & websites). The LGBT Astrologers of the Past is a list of often unrecognised queer occult practitioners from our rich history. There are even More Astrologers who have produced works dealing with issues about homo-, bi- & trans-sexuality, who are LGBT-friendly, or who otherwise seem interesting.

For more info about your host, the Taurean Dragon a.k.a. "Astroqueer," check out Sy Scholfield's Brief Biography (that includes a résumé of his on~line film & art reviews, Queer Studies theses & articles, and his astrology chart).
Or read his comments on the charts of Celine Dion (& kd lang), Boy George (& Venus/Neptune aspects), Robert Downey Jnr (& control-freak parents), Joerg Haider (& xenophobia), Paul Hogan (& "Ocker" masculinity), Johannes Kepler (closeted astrologer), Evel Knievel (& Hep C.), Liberace (& so-called "gay astro-signatures"), Ricky Martin (& sexual fantasies), Marilyn Monroe (& ultra-femininity), Ralph Nader (& asexuality), Julia Roberts (& the most girlish of masculine signs), Elizabeth Teissier (& her Horseshoe Shape), Ian Thorpe (& swimming stars), Ted Turner (& billionaire greed), etc, at Lois Rodden's informative & interactive AstroDataBank.

If you're looking for E-Mail Lists where you can discuss Astrology in a LGBT-friendly environment then try the AstroLesbians list (for stargayzing gay womyn only!) or the Rainbow Stars list (which serves the whole LGBT community from around the world).



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