QUEER GRAVITY.    Gay Poetrays

Bare chested summer
Bare chested beauties making the most of their skin

This morning I saw
A green rubber glove
On green grass
In a dry park
Lump of rotting corned beef
Lots of fat people
Melting like lumps of fetid fowl butter
Unfairly criticised by hyper-critical eyes
Wrong bus stop
Wooden tongue and groove
Spray canned across it
Built, most probably, 1914

Undead born again somnambulist walker
In shorts
In 40 degree heat

Images of bushfires
Burning bats and babies and dogs to death

Eaten into
By oversized houses
Inhabited by undersized minds

Two chicken dinners for the price of one
"Sorry...didn't mean to push it!"
Blonde born early sixties rich red car-ed bitch

Buddhist monastery
On the eyes of the mind
The diamond path
For a coal hearted vegetarian vindicator


"Farangs all have big uncovered penises..."
Innocently covered by un-needed embarrassment

In negative
An angel un-angsted
Coca Cola
Hewlett Packard
I.B.M. vatican micky mouse tribe di napoli drum venetti mouse-pad toe
nails pizza haven k/lock douwe egberts Lover skilled when he wants to

"Have I done it now?"

Crazed old men who smell of urine and shout obscenities at passing
traffic glimpsed between heart buried in Winter in New Orleans
Swamp willows, Taipans, moss and cool breezes.

Falling on heated unbelievers
Carrying blood cooling caresses at a time when most needed.

The sun
God among
Covered in quilting greyness
Taken to some place where he sleeps token
Sometimes I hate him.

Licking and biting and blowing young Lazarus
Bringing him back from his willing play death
Rhythme overstated
Understated is best.

Heart falls to aching, aching remembering.

Remembering orange and fear and blue and crazy blood tests
Pissing in huge bottles acid in bottom pissing and pissing careful to not
let acid splash up again
Kitten run over jerking and spasming horrible death
"What is wrong with us we can't even protect a little kitten!"
Ghosts: visiting bedrooms where the bed is a morgue-slab,
gadaicha man,
burnt sailor, fetid bodiless weird woman hair long like milk river
Radio left on until hummed into sleepyness death will come if I don't
have it on

Such terrible craziness

Back to the moodiness, the traffic, the wet happiness
Back to the black pen writing all that my qulck eyes can believe

Hot spunk boy in blue T-shirt in van very short blade four hair nice arms,
all muscled
He chews on a fingerbone bet he has a very nice chest skin flesh

Too caught up in beauty old bitch cruel whore man to who's door we all
fret - albino cockroach, very weird
nuclear pet - Cruel beauty the bastard
we pay for her pleasures too much
Unimaginable unkindest debt
Cruel bitch I hate him to death

That albino cockroach is stlll here, about to be stepped on wiped out
not by me by some other non Buddhist non Christian non jain non Hindu
non krsna non Zen Jew non ahimsa non vegan old lady green dress with
nice flowers awful necklace awful neck

Three chlldren walk merrily along a fence never fall they know
not of
death death death death death death death death death
death death
Dull boring
A painting I did in grade eight (or nine)

Brrrm (doesn't that sound childish, well it isn't meant to).

Here comes the postman already to be chopped up
dead as the gasman
lights him to bed
No Heaven

CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE!!!(a muesli ad but I believe it holds a message for me and my poetry, therefore, at this point, this
process will stop...


In my night world I see
ferocious tattoos leering
dragons' penetrating fire eyes
claws ready to tear
pointing wolf fangs salivating ready to engulf

Terrifying images,
chillingly half inanimate yet ready to pounce alive
canvas of tight muscle-rippled skin
rough, ominous
though ironically seething with dangerous passion
like a sublime sensation to fly from a magnificent


I want to taste the man - canvass' steamy sweaty flesh
feel his hard cock fucking faster between my
strapped legs,
strong biceps forcing me down
while his raspy tongue explores my pores
desire, thought now craving fulfilment

In one slight movement toward realising desire
and quick metamorphosis into panic-stricken
quivering, shaking instead of static moaning
ink-drawing breathing life
savage shadow dogs, giant silky wolves pursuing me
leading a pack of vile angry men
down a dark tunnel
bamboo tortures carried to provide flame
ferocious insults spat:- 'faggot, cocksucker, whore'
petrified, facing the tunnel's end
imminent beating, death

when suddenly brilliant light opens the rock wall
and glides me back to a safe waking state


Sol picture

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