Astrology Gift Books

for gay, lesbian and bisexual readers

Sun-Sun & Mars-Venus Sign Sex/Compatibility Books (for beginners)

The Astrology of Great Gay Sex: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Mr. Right and Avoiding Mr. Wrong. By Myrna Lamb. (Hampton Roads Pub Co; First edition, 2008). Pre-order Now!!

"Are you searching for a lifelong partner or a fun fling? Is the man you found destined to be your soul mate? What turns your lover on? The answers to these questions are revealed here sign by sign by Myrna Lamb, radio talk-show host and astrologer extraordinaire."

Gay Astrology: The Complete Relationship Guide for Gay Men. By Michael Yawney. (Warner Books: 2001).

"Looking for the right gay partner? Well, you can thank your lucky stars. Here at last is a down-to-earth astrological guide especially for gay men. From dating to mating, from scoring to snoring, and from catching his eye to capturing his heart and keeping it-his volume offers heaven-sent advice on finding love in today's gay world. Whether you're coming out or moving in, settling down or breaking up, raising kids or raising hell, GAY ASTROLOGY can help."

Gay Love Signs: The New Astrology Guide for Men Who Love Men . By Michael Jay. (NY: Ballantine, 1980).

"In the completely new edition of the classic book of astrology for men who love men, Michael Jay explores each sign's personality in life and love, offering tips on how to make the most of your astrological nature. This comprehensive guide will also show you the true potential for compatibility - and conflict - within every astrological pairing, whether you're in lust or true love."

Gay Star Signs: How to Meet and Keep the Man of Your Dreams By max Bowman. (London: Quarto; Noble Park, Vic.: Five Mile Press, 2000).

"Will you ever meet the man of your dreams, or are you destined to be a wall-flower in the party of life?

Gay Star Signs is a one-of-a-kind approach to astrology. All of its pages are split horizontally. Characteristics - like personality, body care, lifestyle, and career - of the 12 sun-signs are given on split-pages that are divided by color-coded strips with symbols. The top half of the split page represents the sun sign; the bottom tells readers what to expect from a particular sign in different areas of their life. The split pages allow readers to check their compatibility with friends, workmates - and, of course, lovers and partners, by comparing information on the top of the page with a quick flip to the corresponding flap below-thereby revealing their compatibility and highlighting the strongest and weakest connections."

Gay Stars: The Ultimate Gay Guy's Guide to Astrology. By Matthew "Dr. Mat Abergel. (Fireside, 2000).

"Matt breaks down the imaginary wall between sacred and secular, using stars from popular culture both to illustrate the stars above and mirror back to us our own wise and radiant souls."

Herscopes: A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians. By Charlene Lichtenstein. (NY: Simon & Schuster, 2000).

"Lichtenstein touches on how each sign meshes with various careers, personality traits, lifestyles, family relationships, and of course, luvvvvv."

Intimate Astrology: Better Love & Sex Through the Zodiac. By Winfried Noe. (Sterling, 1999).

"People born under different signs of the zodiac have very specific ways that they look at love and sex, and they also make love in different ways, have different tastes, and even different erogenous zones. Here a major international astrologer describes the love nature of every zodiac sign, and then goes on to deal with seduction; the secret erotic wishes of each sign; the most harmonious partners; the ones that make sparks fly; and who would be the best partner for you, based on the positions of Mars and Venus in your chart."

Lesbian Love Signs: An Astrological Guide for Women Loving Women By Aurora. (Freedom, CA: Crossing Press, 1991).

Queer Astrology for Men: An Astrological Guide for Gay Men. By Jill Dearman. (NY: St Martin's Griffin, 1999).


Queer Astrology for Women: An Astrological Guide for Lesbians. By Jill Dearman. (NY: St Martin's Griffin, 1999).

"Should you worship the feet of your Pisces lover, or would the classic lesbian backrub be more arousing? Does the Sapphic Sagittarius really love you, or will she drop you for voracious Virgo? Jill Dearman's new astrological guide to lesbian love promises to enlighten readers about the true nature and desires of the lovely women in our lives. Leo likes a luxurious coupling, for instance, while Aries will do it anywhere. Sagittarius is into contorted sexual postures. Capricorn is obsessed with work."

Sapphica: Astrology for Lesbians. By Stephanie Adams. (Dubsar House, 2003).

"Sapphica uncovers every aspect of your life (love, health, family, friends, business, spiritual growth and personal happiness) and analyzes your compatibility with every sign of the zodiac (includeing your own). Unlike most astrology books, Sapphica applies to lesbians only. All lesbians, regardless of your religion, race, sex or sexual history, will find their experience with Sapphica to be a fulfilling one."

Seduction by the Stars: An Astrologcal Guide To Love, Lust, And Intimate Relationships. By Ren Lexander & Geraldine Rose. (Bantam, 1995).

"Here is an astrological guide to love unlike any you've read before. Playful, witty, but dangerously effective, Seduction by the Stars gives you the down-and-dirty secrets you need to make yourself irresistible to any sign under the sun. In this X-rated guide to the stars, you'll learn all the tricks" - from back cover

Sexscopes: How to Seduce, Stimulate, and Satisfy Any Sign. By Stuart Hazleton. (Fireside, 2001).

"Yowza! Stuart has penned the ultimate sexual manual of the zodiac. Use this guidebook to attract (and keep) the person of your wet dreams. It's great for those born under any sign, from Aries to Virgo to Pisces to "Slippery When Wet."" -- Charlene Lichtenstein

Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes. By Stella Starsky & Quinn Cox. (NY: HarperCollins, 2004).

"Sextrology draws insight from modern astrology to help people find their perfect sexual matches. This book takes an original, smart and sexy approach to evaluating astrological identities, and will again have people asking, Whats your sign?."

General Astrology Books (for intermediate and advanced readers)

Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology and Astrology of the Reemerging Feminine. By Demetra George & Douglas Bloch. (1986. San Diego, CA: ACS, 1992).

Astrology and Homosexuality. By Wim van Dam. (York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, 1985).


Astrology Of Intimacy, Sexuality & Relationship: Insights to Wholeness. By Noel Tyl. (Llewellyn, 2002).

"This comprehensive guide, designed for intermediate-to-advanced level astrologers, offers a developed approach to relationship needs as expressed in the horoscope" -- from the back cover

The Astrology of Intimate Relationship. By Julie Demboski. (Dog & Sunflower Press, 2007).

"Informative and nuanced, [this] work divulges methods for cross-chart delineations that are both clear and effective. The Astrology of Intimate Relationship is equally accessible to straight and same-sex couples, and sheds light on human intimacy in a way that can illuminate the most individual and private interaction we can know" -- Amazon editorial review

The Astrology of Sexuality. By Martin Schulman. (York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, [1982, 1983] 1992).

"From the dreams and fantasies, to the sexual act and the fulfillment of love, Martin Schulman explains in careful detail how the sign on each house brings out the individuality of one's sexual life. With special attention to planetary energies, the aspects and sexual activity as well as the importance of sex karma, Mr. Schulman presents here a truly definitive work on astrologically understanding sexual needs and behavior" -- from the back cover

Astrology: Old Theme, New Thoughts. By Joan McEvers & Marion D. March. (San Diego, CA: ACS, 1984).

Includes March's chapter, March, Marion D. "Potentials and Levels of Sexuality in the Horoscope."

Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Lore. Ed. by Randy P. Conner et al. (London: Cassell, 1997).

This tome includes a section on Astrology

Homosexuality in the Horoscope. By Heimsoth, Karl Guenter. (Trans: Richard S. Baldwin. Tempe, AZ: AFA, 1978). Originally published as Charakter-Konstellation (Munich, 1928).

Intimate Relationships: The Astrology of Attraction. Ed. by Joan McEvers. (Llewellyn, 1993 [1992]).

A noteworthy chapter is Terry Warneke's "The Sexual Factor in Relationships."

MythAstrology: Exploring Planets and Pantheons By Raven Kaldera. (St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 2004).

This book provides a unique and comprehensive guide to understanding the different paths in life shaped by each planet in each zodiac sign. The energies of each are explained according to a different mythological figure. The author Raven Kaldera taps into his encyclopędic knowledge of pantheons to enlighten and entertain readers with inspiring tales from a diversity of cultures including the Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Hellenic, Hindu, Japanese, Nordic, Roman, Sumerian and Yoruban. Not one to shy away from the sexuality of mythological archetypes, he discusses deities such as the gender-bending Athena, gender-crossing Tiresias, bisexual Zeus, his lover Ganymede, and the slutty Lilith. Through witty and matter-of-fact story-telling, MythAstrology provides ready insight into your star chart and those of family, friends or clients. A rich resource for delineating natal, progressed, or even composite charts, this is an excellent reference book for the lay reader or students and practitioners of Astrology and Mythology. -- review by Sy Scholfield

Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet.. By Liz Greene. (1977. London: Aquarius, 1990).

Sacred Space: A Feminist Vision of Astrology. Geraldine Hatch Hanon. (Ithaca, NY: Firebrand, 1990).

Sex and the Outer Planets. By Barbara Watters. (Washington, DC: Valhalla, 1971).

Sexuality in the Horoscope. Ed. by Noel Tyl. (St Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1994).

Chapters include Bruce Hammerslough's "AIDS: An Astro-Medical Perspective," J. Lee Lehman's "Delineating Sexuality" and John Townley's "Imagination/Fantasy: Sexuality's Escape Valve."

Uranus: Esoteric and Mundane. By John Townley. (UK: Aquarian, 1978).

This book includes the chapter, "Uranus and Sexual Perversion."

Adams, Jessica. Astrology for Women: You, Your Relationships and Your Future in the Stars. Sydney: HarperCollins, 1997.

Arroyo, Stephen. Relationships and Life Cycles: Modern Dimensions of Astrology. Reno, NV: CRCS, 1979.

Greif, Martin. The Gay Book of Days: An Evocatively Illustrated Who's Who of Who Is, Was, May Have Been, Probably Was, and Almost Certainly Seems to Have Been Gay during the Past 5,000 Years. Illust. Samuel Steward. Secaucus, NJ: L. Stuart, 1982. London: W. H. Allen, 1985.

Hall, Judy. The Karmic Journey: The Birth Chart, Karma and Reincarnation. London: Arkana, 1990.

Hammerslough, Bruce. Forecasting Backward and Forward: Modern Techniques of Timing and Rectification. St Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1994.

Johansson, Warren. "Astrology." Encyclopedia of Homosexuality. Ed. Wayne R. Dynes. NY: Garland, 1990: 85-87.

Kempton-Smith, Debbi. Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You New York: Topquark, 1999.

Kneeland, J. E. Gay Signs: An Astrological Guide to Homosexuality Santa Monica, CA: Hay, 1988.

Lennuch, Clu. Astrogay. San Diego, CA: Surrey House, 1973.

Lewis, James R. "Homosexuality and Astrology." The Astrology Encyclopedia. Detroit, MI: Visible Ink, 1974: 280-281.

Lewis, Jim & Ariel Guttman. The Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps: The Astrology of Relocation, How 136 Famous People Found Their Place. St Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1989.

Lorey, Daniel E. The Wildman, the Earth and the Stars: An Astrology of Masculine Archetypes. NY: Quadrant, 1994.

Oken, Alan. Alan Oken's Complete Astrology. 1973. NY: Bantam, 1988.

Oken, Alan. "The Sexual Revolution." Astrology, Evolution and Revolution: A Path to Higher Consciousness through Astrology. NY: Bantam, 1976: 47-49.

Paglia, Camille. Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson. Yale UP, 1990.

Parker, Derek & Julia Parker. "Astrology and Sex." The Compleat Astrologer. 1971. London: Mitchell Beazely, 1980: 182-183.

Perry, Jay. The Gay Book of Astrology. Topanga, CA: Big Ernie Enterprises, 1971.

Rathgeb, Marlene Masini. Sexual Astrology. New York: Avon Books, 1993.

Sasportas, Howard. The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. London: Arkana, 1989.

Savage, John. The Gay Astrologer. Port Washington, NY: Ashley Books, 1981.

Savage, John. Other Planets, Other Me: Gay Short Stories.

Steinbrecher, Edwin C. "Ed Steinbrecher: Sex With God." Gay Soul: Finding the Heart of Gay Spirit and Nature with Sixteen Writers, Healers, Teachers and Visionaries. Interviewed by Mark Thompson. San Francisco: Harper, 1995.

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