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Thomas Beatie

F2M Father & Family Man, Transgender Rights Activist, Public Speaker, Author, Pop-Culture Icon: 'The Pregnant Man'
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Libra Ascendant, Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon, Uranus Rising

Thomas Beatie astro-chart

ASTRoDATA: 20 January 1974, 23:59 (11:59pm) AHST (+10), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Source: Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes Beatie by email from his official Facebook page, 4 July 2012. RR: A.
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Libra URANUS (conjunct Ascendant), Aquarius MERCURY (conjunct Sun; semi-sextile Moon), Aries ERIS(conjunct Descendant), Aries CHIRON (conjunct Descendant), Gemini SATURN (conjunct South Node, quincunx Sun, opposite Moon). PATTERNS: CARDINAL T-SQUARE (Aries Eris-Chiron opposite Libra Pluto, all square Capricorn Moon); T-SQUARE (Capricorn Moon opposite Gemini Saturn, both square Libra Pluto); YOD (Pluto sextile Neptune, both quincunx Taurus MARS). MUTUAL RECEPTION: Aquarius VENUS and Libra URANUS. SHAPE: HORSESHOE (Aquarius JUPITER is pivotal). CHINESE SIGN: WATER BUFFALO (OX). NUMEROLOGY: "6" LIFEPATH.

Official Biography [Astrology by Sy Scholfield]: Thomas Beatie is an American female-to-male transsexual. He began transitioning in the late 1990’s by undergoing hormone therapy and surgery. He opted for a gender reassignment procedure that allowed him to keep his original reproductive organs. In 2002 he was legally recognized as a man, and in 2003 he married his wife, Nancy.

Thomas and Nancy wanted to start a family, but Nancy was no longer capable of childbearing. So, in 2008, Thomas garnered worldwide attention by becoming pregnant through artificial insemination—thereby expanding the human experience of pregnancy to men. Today, he is renowned as the pop-culture icon, the world’s first Pregnant Man (the first person to give birth fully documented as male and legally married to a woman), and according to Guinness World Records, the World’s First Married Man to Give Birth [Womb-planet Moon in fame-sign Capricorn at the apex of a pioneering Cardinal T-Square].

The Beaties' unprecedented legal situation exposed serious discriminatory policies concerning a transgender birth parent; Thomas and Nancy had to legally adopt the children that Thomas bore to ensure their full parental status. In addition to legal challenges, The Beaties also faced medical discrimination due to Thomas' transgender identity [Angular Chiron (discrimination) in Aries (medicine)]. Champion of human rights and cultural diversity for everyone, Thomas wants to help foster the change required for transgender people to receive full social, medical, political, and legal equality [revolutionary and activist Uranus rising in fair-minded and equal-opportunity Libra].

Wikipedia Biography [Astrology by Sy Scholfield]:

Some female-to-male transgender people can become pregnant, while still identifying and living as men. This is possible for individuals who still have functioning ovaries and a uterus. For example, . . . Thomas Beatie, [a] transgender man, has borne three children. He chose to become pregnant because his wife Nancy was infertile, doing so with cryogenic donated sperm and a syringe, at home. He wrote an article about the experience in The Advocate. The Washington Post further broadened the story on March 25 when blogger Emil Steiner called Beatie the first "legally" pregnant man on record, in reference to certain states' and federal legal recognition of Beatie as a man. In 2010, Guinness World Records recognized Beatie as the world's "First Married Man to Give Birth." Beatie gave birth to a girl named Susan Juliette Beatie on June 29, 2008. Barbara Walters announced Beatie's second pregnancy on The View, and Beatie gave birth to a boy named Austin Alexander Beatie on June 9, 2009. Beatie gave birth to his third child, a boy named Jensen James Beatie, on July 25, 2010. Beatie has since had a phalloplasty to create an artificial penis and is also considering a hysterectomy.

[for the references see Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia].

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