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Jaason Simmons

Australian Actor
Astrology chart, picture, profile, links

Ascendant Unknown, Cancer Sun, Libra Moon, Venus T-Square

his astro-chart

Born: 12 July 1970, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. RR: XB (Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes data from Simmons' birth notice in Hobart's Mercury newspaper).
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Cancer MERCURY (conjunct Sun, square Moon), Cancer MARS (conjunct Sun, square Moon), Leo VENUS (conjunct South Node), Libra JUPITER (conjunct Moon, square Sun). PATTERNS: TRIPLE CANCER CONJUNCTION (Sun, Mercury, Mars), FIXED T-SQUARE (Neptune opposite Saturn, both square Venus). SHAPE: LOCOMOTIVE (Chiron in Aries leads). CHINESE SIGN: METAL DOG. NUMEROLOGY: "9" LIFEPATH.
Abridged Wikipedia Biography [with Astrology notes by Sy Scholfield]
Jaason Simmons is best known for the role of Logan Fowler on the TV series Baywatch [Cancer (ocean, beach) Sun (acting role)].

After 3 years on the show, he walked away from Hollywood and returned to stage school to study theatre with renowned acting teacher Sanford Meisner. Jaason soon started to experiment with independent movies, taking on controversial roles including the Greg Arakis feature film 'Nowhere' starring with Christina Applegate and Heather Graham [Venus at 29° Leo rules Unaspected Uranus at 5° Libra (Sabian Symbol: "The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized"].

The spring of 2004 marked Jaason's UK theatrical debut as he took to the London stage in the much-acclaimed 'Eroica', directed by the noted film and stage director Paul Warner. Last summer, Jaason returned to the London stage to star as Sergei Medvedev in 'The End of the Sentence', a psychological thriller set in present day Moscow, directed by Adam Meggido.

Jaason then took up the challenge to play the Dad and Husband in Steven Berkoff's 'Greek', directed by Marcus Graham at the Punk Palace in Brisbane.

Jaason is now back in Los Angeles after completing the award winning independent movie ‘Mad Cowgirl’, a dark comedy directed by Greg Hatanaka.

He is also campaigning heavily this year to save Tasmania’s rainforest from being wiped out by old growth logging, and he works hard on behalf of the endangered species that are rapidly declining due to these heavy deforesting practices.

This summer Jaason will reunite alongside his former castmate Donna D’Errico in the Independent feature A.R.T in Las Vegas, with Irish Director Mary McGuckian. Both Jaason and Donna will play gay characters, caught up in the middle of Assisted Reproductive Technology. The Movie will also star Lucy Davis as D'Errico's partner, Jennifer Tilly, Andie MacDowell, Kerry Fox and Charles Dance.

Personal life

Simmons came out as gay in the March 2008 issue of Australian New Idea magazine with his fiancé, Irish actor John O’Callaghan [transiting North Node at 9° Aries conjunct natal Chiron, ruler of South Node]. (In 2006, O’Callaghan adopted a Ugandan boy, whom he named Odin.). The couple hopes to get married in Canada, where same-sex marriages are legally recognized.

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