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Luke Macfarlane

Canadian stage & screen Actor
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"Roles tend to pick me. That's sort of where I am in my career. I've always been very lucky, especially in TV, which is something that really interests me. I don't turn my nose up at it like a lot of people do. There are very few things that 13 million people tune in to witness, so television is a really relevant and powerful thing." -- Luke Macfarlane lets his Uranus in Scorpio speak for itself

Ascendant Unknown, Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon

his astro-chart

Birthday: born Thomas Luke Macfarlane, Jr., 19 January 1980, London, Ontario, Canada. RR: C (Caution: unconfirmed data from various news reports).
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: JUPITER (conjunct North Node), URANUS (sextile Sun; square and dispositing Moon), MOON (conjunct South Node), VENUS (conjunct South Node). PATTERNS: WEDGE (Jupiter, Venus, Chiron). SHAPE: BUCKET LOCOMOTIVE (Jupiter-Mars in Virgo leads) CHINESE SIGN: EARTH GOAT. NUMEROLOGY: "11" LIFEPATH.

Canadian-born Macfarlane has a twin sister, Ruth. He studied drama at Juilliard in New York City, where he starred in Shakespeare's As You Like It, Romeo & Juliet, and Richard III, plus productions of The School of Night, Blue Window, and The Grapes of Wrath. He graduated in 2003.

From that year, he appeared in off-Broadway plays, the Robert Altman TV miniseries Tanner on Tanner, the 2004 film Kinsey and a starring role as Dumphy in the 2005 television series Over There. In 2006 he was cast as Scotty Wandell in the hit TV show, Brothers and Sisters. His original guest-starring role grew into a regular part. In May 2008 TV history was made when Scotty married his beau Kevin in the second season finale.

Macfarlane has a Capricorn Sun & Mercury conjunction so only the best will do when it comes to study (Mercury) and acting (Sun): hence his graduation from the prestigious Julliard School.

His first starring TV role occurred at around age 25 followed by his regular role as a gay man at 26. He has Uranus at almost 25 degrees Scorpio and Saturn at 26 Virgo.

Thus astro-logically we would expect Macfarlane to achieve a significant personal or professional milestone at the age of 28 (in 2008) because his Sun is found at 28 degrees of Capricorn (the Sign associated with self-fulfillment and career matters). And indeed, (while already openly-gay to family and friends), he came out in 2008 in an interview with the Globe and Mail newspaper, while the same year his character, Scotty, married his boyfriend, Kevin, in the series Brothers and Sisters.

Yet there's plenty more in his stars. Considering his North Node is placed at 29 Leo (the final or 'culminating' degree of the sign of the Lion) Macfarlane is likely to appear in a major dramatic or comedy role in 2009 to 2010.


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