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Sandra Bernhard

American Comedian, Actor, Singer & Writer
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Leo Ascendant, Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Jupiter Rising

her astro-chart

Born: 6 June 1955, 09:00 (9am) EST (5hW), Flint, Michigan, USA. RR: A [Lois Rodden quotes Joe Fitzgerald for data including time from Bernhard, 1983; Sy Scholfield quotes an interview in which Bernhard states: "I'm a Gemini with Leo rising [and] moon in Sagittarius" (Interview 1 March 2004, p. 144)].
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Libra NEPTUNE (conjunct IC), Sagittarius MOON (conjunct South Node), Aquarius CHIRON (conjunct Descendant), Gemini MERCURY (conjunct South Node, opposite Moon, disposits Sun), Cancer JUPITER (conjunct Ascendant, semi-sextile Sun, quincunx Moon). PATTERNS: FIXED T-SQUARE (Saturn opposite Venus, both square Pluto). T-SQUARE (Chiron opposite Uranus & Jupiter, all square Neptune), YOD (Venus sextile Uranus, both quincunx Moon & North Node), BOOMERANG (Yod plus Mercury & South Node), YOD (NEPTUNE sextile Moon & North Node, all quincunx Venus). MUTUAL RECEPTION: MOON in SAGITTARIUS & JUPITER in CANCER. SHAPE: HORSESHOE. CHINESE SIGN: WOOD GOAT (aka SHEEP). NUMEROLOGY: "5" LIFEPATH.
Wikipedia Biography:

Sandra Bernhard is a bisexual American comedian, singer, actress and author. She first gained attention in the late 1970s with her stand-up comedy in which she often bitterly critiques celebrity culture and political figures. She is also famous for her close friendship to Madonna during the late 1980s. Bernhard is number 97 on Comedy Central's list of the 100 greatest standups of all time.

In 1991 Bernhard began playing the role of Nancy Bartlett on the hit sitcom Roseanne. She appeared in 33 episodes between 1991 and 1997, and was one of the first actresses to portray an openly lesbian recurring character on American television. The role is one of her best known, something she has lamented in her stand-up as being both a blessing and a curse.

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