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Australia's most famous transsexual, star of Les Girls
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Unknown Ascendant, Virgo Sun, (Virgo or Libra?) Moon, Bundle Shape

her astro-chart

DATA: Born Richard Lawrence Byron, 2 September 1943, Sydney, Australia (33s52, 151e13), as stated on t.v. show This Is Your Life, September 2003. RR: XA. (Time of birth unknown).
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Gemini MARS (square Sun; trine Moon), Leo PLUTO & JUPITER (conjunct North Node), virgo CHIRON (conjunct and dispositing Sun), Virgo VENUS (conjunct Sun; dispositing Libra? Moon). PATTERNS: NONE. FINAL DISPOSITOR: CHIRON in VIRGO. SHAPE: BUNDLE or SCOOP. CHINESE SIGN: WATER GOAT/SHEEP. NUMEROLOGY: "10/1" LIFEPATH.
Carlotta's Wikipedia Biography [with Astrology comments by Sy Scholfield].

Carlotta is an Australian cabaret performer and television celebrity. She began her career as an original member of the long-running Les Girls cabaret show, performed entirely by heavily costumed males, which started in 1963 in the purpose built Les Girls building which stood on a prominent corner in the heart of Sydney's Kings Cross, New South Wales. The buidling was owned by Sydney identity Abe Saffron. Carlotta, a transgender person, rose through the ranks of the show to eventually become the show's compere and its most famous member. Les Girls and Carlotta soon became must-see attractions for visitors to Sydney and the show was popular with visiting international celebrities. The show continued in the Les Girls building until 1993, when, inspired by the film "Priscilla Queen of the Desert", the Les Girls show went on-the-road, touring Australia. The Les Girls building, which was still standing intact with original 1960s features, throughout the 1990s was the venue for alternative cabaret, including the much loved Sunday night club The Tender Trap (club).

Carlotta was featured in the soap opera Number 96 in 1973 as Robyn Ross, the new girlfriend of Arnold Feather. In the story it was soon revealed that Robyn was in fact a transsexual showgirl, a revelation that led to the character's quick departure from the show. To preserve the shock ending to this storyline the true identity of Robyn's portrayer was kept secret from all but a few central cast and crew members of the series, her scenes were shot on a closed set, and Carlotta was credited as "Carolle Lea".

Carlotta's sex-change operation in the early 1970s was not the first such procedure in Australia, but due to her celebrity status it became the first to receive publicity there. Carlotta was also one of the inspirations for the film Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. She had a few short breaks from Les Girls for international tours, but overall by the time she left the show for the final time in 1992 she had spent a total of 26 years performing with the troupe.

From 2000, Carlotta has been a regular panelist on the discussion program Beauty and the Beast.

In 2005, she featured in her own half a million dollar stage production, "Carlotta's KingsX", presented at the Big Top, Luna Park, Sydney. Produced by Brett Elliott and Richard Bernardo, the 90 minute show delivered classic storytelling, stand up comedy, lavish costumes, and team of 'Les Girls' dance performances throughout. Supported by massive 6x22m video backdrop, video content presented the story of Kings Cross collated from footage supplied by ABC, Channel 7 and Channel 9.

Carlotta is currently touring Australia with her award-winning Carlotta's Priscilla Show and "Carlotta: Live and Intimate" one woman show and regularly features at all sorts of events and gala premieres, including Sydney's Mardi Gras.


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"Published to coincide with her 60th birthday, this is an exciting new book about the life of Carlotta, the Balmain-born boy who had Australia's first sex-change operation and became the legend of the all-male review Les Girls. She is the self-styled "Queen of the Cross." Written by PR suprema and fellow Beauty and the Beast personality Prue MacSween, Carlotta's trademark warmth, humour and honesty shine through in her story: the unsettled childhood, her transition to drag queen and the sex-change operation, her relationships with fellow artists and lovers, and her 12-year marriage. I'm Not That Kind of Girl is also the story of Les Girls, the world-famous drag queen cabaret based in Kings Cross. The book relives the glamour of the old Cross: the most interesting people lived and partied there, and the best place to be seen or get smashed was undoubtedly Les Girls! However, there were sinister elements too, with Carlotta recalling ugly stories of Mafia types getting rough with the drag queens..."

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Sy Scholfield