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Elton John

Gay English Superstar Entertainer
"I am the most famous poof in the world" -- Elton John
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Leo Ascendant, Aries Sun, Taurus Moon, Pisces Mercury Yod
Elton John's astro-chart

BORN: Reginald Kenneth Dwight, 25 March 1947, 16:00 (4 p.m.) GDT (1hw), Pinner, England. [copyright] RR: A. (In his British Entertainers, Frank C. Clifford quotes Ruth Dewey, "confirmed by him").
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Libra NEPTUNE (opposite Sun; quincunx Moon). PATTERNS: YOD (Mercury sextile Moon, both qunicunx Neptune), YOD (Pluto sextile Neptune, both quincunx Mercury), YOD (Sun sextile North Node of Moon, both quincunx Chiron), GRAND TRINE (Jupiter, Sun, Saturn), FIXED T-SQUARE (Chiron opposite Moon, both square Saturn-Pluto), SHAPE: SPLAY. CHINESE SIGN: FIRE PIG. NUMEROLOGY: "22" life path.

Sir Elton John is a singer-songwriter, composer, pianist and philanthropist.

The last degree of Leo on the Ascendant makes Elton John a 'born performer,' a creative tour-de-force, a flamboyant character, and a warm and regal, fatherly figure (with 'big hair'!). Having sold more than 250 million albums and over one hundred million singles, he is one of the most successful and talented recording artists of all time, and he has won five Grammy awards plus a 'Best Original Song' Academy Award (shared with Time Rice for the very Leonine "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" from The Lion King). He is the godfather of ten children (of various other stars). Also typical of his Leo ascendant, he is an avid art collector.

Elton John has the Sun in his 8th House (the house associated with death and legacies) ruling his powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the 12th House (of charities and philanthropy). Since the late 1980s he has channelled much of his energy, wealth and influence toward the fight against AIDS. [see the Elton John AIDS Foundation].

With hard aspects from Neptune to both luminaries he is known for both giving enormously to charities and for spending equally huge amounts of money on personal possessions, for throwing glamorous parties and for (overcoming) a long battle against drug addiction.

The last degree of Aquarius on the 7th house cusp indicates a need for independence in relationships and a desire for 'different' types of relationships, and that it would take a long journey before finding a life partner. In a 1976 Rolling Stone interview Elton John declared that he was bisexual. He married a female partner in 1984, divorced several years later, and then announced that he identified as gay. He entered into a civil partnership with David Furnish on 21 December 2005 and continues to be a champion for lesbian and gay social and political movements.


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