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John Schlesinger, 1926-2003
gay British actor, film-maker & opera director


John Schlesinger's astro-chart

BIRTH: John Richard Schlesinger, 16 February 1926, London, England (time of birth unknown). Data from newspaper birth announcement: "SCHLESINGER. - On the 16th Feb., at 53, Hollycroft-avenue, N.W.3, to Winifred, wife of Bernard E. Schlesinger, M.B., B.ch., M.R.C.P. - a son." (Times, 18 February 1926, p. 1). RR: B (flat data). DEATH: 25 July 2003, "about 5:30am," Palm Springs, CA, USA ("Filmmaker John Schlesinger Dies," CBS online, July 25, 2003 17:50:31, quotes spokeswoman from Desert Regional Medical Center).
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: NEPTUNE (opposite Sun, trine Moon), CHIRON (conjunct Moon, trine Sun). PATTERNS: FIXED T-SQUARE (Sun-Mercury opposite Neptune, all square Saturn). SHAPE: FAN. CHINESE SIGN: FIRE TIGER. NUMEROLOGY: "9" LIFEPATH.

John Schlesinger at www.imdb.com

John Schlesinger at The Knitting Circle

Star Profile

With four planets including the Sun in envelope-pushing Aquarius ruled by Uranus in cinematic Pisces, John Schlesinger is well known as the director of several queer films including "Midnight Cowboy" (co-starring Jon Voight as a bisexual cowboy hustler), "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" (featuring Peter Finch & Glenda Jackson as Murray Head's bedmates), and "An Englishman Abroad" (with Alan Bates as Guy Burgess). Julie Christie received an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in his "Darling." He played Derek in the 1991 television play based on David Leavitt's gay novel, "The Lost Language Of Cranes." Neptune in dramatic Leo not only disposits Schlesinger's Uranus but is also personalised through aspects to both his luminaries. And so Schlesinger also worked in theatre, opera, television and as director of commercials.

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