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Lisa-Marie Vizaniari

Olympic Final-Qualifier, Discus-Thrower
"I think that we need to have more role models to look up to in the gay community." -- Lisa-Marie Vizaniari.
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Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Venus T-Square

lisa-marie's astro-chart

ASTRoDATA Born: 14 December 1971, time unknown, Lake Cargelligo, NSW, Australia (33s18, 146e23). RR: A. (flat data from the official 2000 Olympics website).
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANET: JUPITER in Sagittarius (conjunct and dispositing Sun and Sagittarian triple conjunction). FINAL DISPOSITOR: JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS. PATTERNS: TRIPLE CONJUNCTION (Jupiter, Mercury, Sun), T-SQUARE (Uranus opposite Chiron, both square Venus). SHAPE: LOCOMOTIVE (Pluto in Libra leads). CHINESE SIGN: METAL PIG. NUMEROLOGY: "8" LIFEPATH.

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L-M. V. @ Athletics Australia

TOGS: The Organisation for Gay Sports

LGBT Athletes Ring

Out 2000 Olympians

Australian Olympic-qualifying discus-thrower, Lisa-Marie Vizaniari, came out in the Australian press in 1997. Born in Australia to Greek parents, Vizaniari returned to Greece in her teens and took up the discus. On returning to Australia at age 15, she entered the Australian Institute of Sport. Lisa-Marie told her parents she was gay at age 18, and didn't find it hard to come out publicly. She says "I want people to know it's ok to be gay". Vizaniari received the 1990 Athletics Australia Junior Athlete of the Year Award. Vizaniari was reportedly the first "out" lesbian to compete at the Olympic Games.*

Astrologically, Vizaniari has Jupiter as Final Dispositor of all her planets. The chain of disposition goes as follows: Jupiter disposits Neptune, Mercury and Sun (all in Sagittarius). Neptune disposits Mars (in Pisces) which in turn disposits Chiron (in Aries). Mercury rules Saturn (in Gemini) which disposits Venus (in Capricorn) which disposits Uranus and Pluto (in Libra). Finally, Pluto disposits her unaspected (?) Moon (in Scorpio).

With Jupiter as Final Dispositor in a triple conjunction in Sagittarius, Vizaniari is an energetic and enthusiastic sportswoman. Her powerhouse of energy also comes from having all three Fire planets in aspect to each other (Jupiter conjoins the Sun and both are squared by Mars). The Jovian planet and Sign are also associated with size and humour -- and as Vizaniari has said "I'm a big chick." She also is well known for her lively personality and gap-toothed smile.

With Pluto leading the Locomotive pattern in her chart, Vizaniari also has a great deal of stamina and drive. She has been very successful in the Discus event of world sports (and curiously her Pluto is in the Air sign, Libra, indicating her knack with this type of projectile). In the Discus category, Vizaniari was a Commonwealth gold medallist in 1990 in Auckland, an Olympic finalist in 1996, earned silver at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, and had a sensational 2000 Optus Grand Prix Series -- consistently throwing around 63 metres. She also won bronze in Women's Shot Put at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada, in 1994.

Vizaniari came Eighth in the Discus-Throwing Finals at the Sydney Olympics on 27th September 2000 (at 20:30 AEDT -- as transiting Moon and Sun formed a conjunction -- with their midpoint on her natal Pluto), with a throw of 62.57 metres (within 3 metres of the bronze medal) -- achieving the same place she held at the 1996 Olympics. In 2001, Vizaniari again tapped into her power planets when she took up professional boxing. Progressed Mars was then in trine with her natal Sun & progressed Pluto had quincunxed her Saturn.

With her (possibly unaspected) Scorpio Moon ruled by her Locomotive-pushing Pluto, Vizaniari is reportedly "superstitious and never walks under a ladder and avoids black cats." When she is not training she enjoys watching boxing, relaxing at cafes and visiting Jupiter's Casino with friends (no wonder, because Sagittarians love a gamble -- and she has the Sun and three planets in the sign of the Archer!).

Expect big things from larger-than-life Lisa-Marie Vizaniari. With the perfect planetary combination for packing a punch, she will always stand and deliver!!

* Lesbian couple, Camilla Andersen of Denmark and Mia Hundvin of Norway (who are married under Danish Law), played against each other in the Handball preliminaries at the Sydney Olympics. Norway won, but lost to Hungary in the semi-final.

* Spanish tennis-player, Conchita Martinez, went out early in her Olympic 2000 events, lasting until the second round of singles and second round of doubles.

* Also, openly-lesbian French tennis player, Amelie Mauresmo, lost in the tennis Singles first round on 19 September, and was defeated in the Tennis Doubles Quarterfinals on 25 September, at the Sydney Olympics.


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