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Robyn Archer

Lesbian Feminist Australian Singer, Cabaret Playwright & Theatre Director, Writer, Actor, Arts Activist, Festival Director

Iím more of a dangerous individualist . . . I never believed that a political position was death to an artistís career, although there has always been advice around to that effect. I decided early on never to hide my politics or my sexuality." -- Robyn Archer (Uranus Rising).
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Gemini Ascendant, Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon

Robyn Archer's astro-chart

ASTRoDATA: 18 June 1948, 06:30 (6:30AM) ACST (9h30e), Prospect, Adelaide, SA, Australia (138e35, 34s54). RR: A. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes data from her as quoted in both Jane Bennett and Craig McIntosh's A Handbook of Astrology For Australia and New Zealand (Richmond, Vic.: Greenhouse, 1986, p. 196) & Stephanie Johnson's Australian Data Collection.
CHART FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Cancer MERCURY (rules Ascendant, conjunct & dispositing Sun, trine Moon), Leo PLUTO (semi-square Sun, square and dispositing Moon), Virgo MARS (on Base, sextile Moon), Sagittarius JUPITER (on Descendant, opposite Sun), SAPPHO (conjunct Midheaven). PATTERNS: Gemini-Cancer STELLIUM (Uranus, Sun, Mercury, Venus). SHAPE: BOWL. CHINESE SIGN: EARTH RAT. NUMEROLOGY: "10/1" LIFEPATH.

Robyn Archer was born in a caravan to financially disadvantaged, hard-working parents who ran a delicatessen -- her mother was a sandwich-maker and talented (but non-professional) singer (motherly Moon ruling 2nd House of singing), while her father worked nights as a Vaudeville comedian and singer (Venus, ruler of the 5th House of stage perfomance, conjunct the fatherly Sun which is opposed by comedic Jupiter).

From 2 years old, Archer suffered from severe asthma and needed her own room (Progressed Moon conjunct cusp of 6th House of health), having explained that her only-child status was due to her "mum and dad [being] on a budget [while] I was taking up a lot of extra time and expenses."

Robyn Archer started singing publically at 12 (progressed Gemini Ascendant conjunct her natal Uranus/Sun conjunction, with progressed Mercury/Venus semi-sextile natal career-orientated Saturn in performative Leo). At 15, she was on Bandstand, singing in Adelaide's Hindley Street district from 16, and later on radio and in coffee houses at university. Speaking of Adelaide's West End, Archer has said

I participated in my first Festival in 1970 in a show called, On the Fringe. I was spotted by Bill Boyley who ran the Trocodero. In those days the Troc was a wild place. It was the favourite haunt of opal miners down in the big smoke for a big weekend. Favoured girls would be offered opals from a little bag, I remember one Greek God's Metaxa bill for the night was over $300. The rival to the Troc was the Paprika. ("Robyn Archer: On the West End")
Archer has said that singing has been "biologically part of my life" since then, and that she needs "to have a big blast from time to time" in order to balance out her energies (Moon/Chiron midpoint on the cusp of the 6th House of health, with Moon ruling her 2nd House of singing, and Chiron-the-healer ruling the energy-grounding base of her chart).

As a reflection of her diverse musical repertoire, she has recorded over 10 CDs. In 1974 (as progressed Neptune -- the ruler of her 10th House of aspirations and fame -- trined her natal Mercury/Venus conjunction), Archer began singing German Cabaret songs of the Weimar period, and she has since become recognised as one of the world's foremost interpreters of this tradition.

Archer said in 1999 that her favourite piece of music of the 2nd millennium is Olivier Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time" -- which was written "in a concentration camp, ... for the busted, broken and out-of-tune instruments they had at the time, [thus] signify[ing] a great deal about the history of music ... composed under such threat of difficult death [it] signifies to me that music has always existed in the bad times and the good ... [and that] the abstraction of music has a very powerful ability to express compelling impressions of the infinite scope of the universe." (Meanwhile, progressed Moon at 4° Capricorn was opposing her natal Mercury/Venus, while progressed power-planet Pluto at 4° Libra was T-squared by these planets).

At about 15, Archer had her first crush on another girl (progressed Jupiter -- ruler of her 7th House of relationships -- opposite natal Venus in Cancer), and had her "first serious lesbian lover" at university (progressed Jupiter sextile Moon which disposits her Venus). As of 2000, her lover is Erika -- a cinematographer.


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