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Sinéad O'Connor

Singer, Musician, Popstar, Priest, Psychic, Rastafarian
"I'd given another interview saying I was more attracted to men, and a woman who I had gone out with a while ago took my statement as an insult to her. So I overcompensated and said I'm a full-on lesbian, which I'm actually not. I'm bisexual" -- Sinéad O'Connor, 2000.
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Unknown Ascendant, Sagittarius Sun, Neptune South Node

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{Luna could be in Libra or Scorpio!}
Sinéad's astro-chart

ASTRoDATA: Sinéad Mother Bernadette Maria O'Connor, born 8 December 1966, time of birth unknown, Glenageary, Dublin, Ireland (53n20, 6w15). RR: XB (data from various biographies).
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: JUPITER (square Moon, disposits Sun & Venus, leads Loco~motive Shape). PATTERNS: T-SQUARE (Chiron/Saturn opposite Pluto/Uranus, all square Sun/Venus). MUTUAL RECEPTION: SUN in SAGITTARIUS - JUPITER in LEO. SHAPE: BUCKET + LOCO~MOTIVE. CHINESE SIGN: FIRE HORSE. NUMEROLOGY: "33" LIFEPATH.

Outspoken Irish vocalist and musician, Sinéad O'Connor, has a lovely "mutual reception" between her Sagittarian Sun and Leo Jupiter (meaning that each planet is in the other's sign). This stellar combination gives her a sunny and optimistic outlook (with a tendency toward big-headedness!), allowing her to shine brilliantly and defiantly despite (and indeed, in reaction to) the aspects from Mars (to her Jupiter) and Pluto (to her Sun) that have periodically cast dark shadows her way. O'Connor's singing talent and physical beauty are indicated by the Sun-Venus conjunction in her chart. Moreover, she has channelled her Mercury-Neptune conjunction (in deep and piercing Scorpio) into unforgettably penetrating vocals and forthright public remarks.

With her Sun-Venus in Sagittarius squaring her Chiron-Saturn Bucket-handle in Pisces, religion has profoundly influenced this singer (particularly because the Signs of the Archer and the Fishes are associated with spiritual journeys). Expelled from a Catholic school in her teens, O'Connor drew on a Psalm for the title of her debut album, "The Lion and the Cobra." In 1992 she ripped up a photo of the Pope on U.S. television (as progressed Pluto at 16 Libra sextiled her Sun, and progressed Uranus at 20 Libra qunicunxed her Chiron). With progressed Pluto at 23 Libra quincunxing her spiritually-inclined Piscean Saturn, she was ordained a pagan priest in 1999.

In 2000, as Pluto (planet of death, sexuality, 'control issues' and big secrets) neared her Sagittarian Sun, O'Connor released the CD "Faith and Courage" - describing it as her "trying not to die" album - made during a custody battle over her daughter. O'Connor also came out as a lesbian (then as bisexual). Transiting Neptune in early Aquarius opposite her prominent Jupiter no doubt brought about a bit of con-fusion. On "Faith" O'Connor sings "The Goddess meant for me only joy." In the next few years, as Pluto approaches her goddess Venus in lucky Sagittarius, O'Connor should find the determined courage and fortune to find such pure delight, in both her love life & musical profession. In 2001, she changed tack again, marrying a man. If anything, Fire Horses are extremely unpredictable!


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