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The Topp Twins (Jools & Lynda)

New Zealand Entertainers & Cultural Icons
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"The Topp Twins re-invent themseles on stage, changing character and gender with ease. Armed with guitar, mouth-harp and spoons they deliver original songs in two-part harmonies which run the gamut from country and western pastiche to witty satirical ballads. The famously distinctive Topp Twins yodel has been described as "the finest yodelling you'll hear anywhere" and is bringing vocal gymnasts back into the centre stage." -- NZ Music.com

Aquarius Ascendant, Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Neptune High
Topp Twins's astro-chart

ASTRO-DATA: 14 May 1958, 22:00 & 22:05 (10 & 10.05pm) NZST (12hE), Huntly, NZ (37s33, 175e10). RR: B (Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes Jools and Lynda Topp's The Topp Twins Book (Auckland, NZ: Penguin, 2003), p. 10.
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Aries VENUS (conjunct IC, conjunct Moon, semi-square and dispositing Taurus Sun), Aries MERCURY (conjunct Nadir & South Node), Leo URANUS (conjunct Descendant, trine Moon), Libra JUPITER (conjunct Zenith & North Node, qiuncunx Sun), Scorpio NEPTUNE (conjunct North Node & MH). PATTERNS: GRAND FIRE TRINE (Mercury, Pluto, Saturn), KITE (Grand Fire Trine plus Chiron), FIXED T-SQUARE (Pluto opposite Chiron, both square Sun), YOD (Jupiter sextile Saturn, both quincunx Sun). SHAPE: SPLAY. CHINESE SIGN: EARTH DOG. NUMEROLOGY: "33" LIFEPATH.

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Lynda (Left) & Jools (Right)

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Identical twins, Lynda and Jools Topp were raised on a small dairy farm in Huntly, New Zealand. From their debut in front of friends and family at 5 years of age, they built up their singer-songwriting talents till they eventually toured with the likes of Split Enz and Billy Bragg. As the Topp Twins, they now entertain with a fusion of country and western music, comedy, cross-dressing, and yodelling. They have performed at world events such as the Edinburgh Festival and the National Women's Music Festival in the USA. Their hilarious prime-time New Zealand TV series, Do Not Adjust Your Twinset has screened internationally and is available on video. Jools and Lynda play various female and male characters in the show, including the Gingham Sisters (at Left), Camp Mother & Camp Leader, and "the Kens" (at Right) who are "quintessential Kiwi blokes" (who look absolutely nothing like Ken dolls)! Throughout their craftily-edited series there's a clever 'in-joke' in which Lynda plays both Camp Mother ("the bloody gorgeous lady in pink") and one of the Ken men who is infatuated with her. In real life, the Topp Twins are both openly-lesbian, They live apart and each has a partner. They have one other sibling, Bruce, who is also gay and "spent the majority of his boyhood doing floral arrangements." The twins, who have been called "national treasures" and "cultural ambassadors" of New Zealand, continue to gain international fame.


While Jools beat Lynda down the birth canal by five minutes, the twins each have Aquarius on the Ascendant: Jools in the first degree and Lynda in the second. In their composite chart the first degree of the wavy Aquarius sign rises, making them an offbeat and original pair and perhaps explaining the reference to them as a "twinset" in the title of their TV show. Aquarius is the sign of the activist and these waterbearer-rising twins have identified with and campaigned for Maori land rights, gay law reform and a nuclear-free New Zealand. Interestingly, they have Uranus in performative Leo ruling their Ascendant/s from the Seventh House, indicating a dramatic inter-relationship and a flair for acting from very early on. While there are no planets (but asteroids) in Gemini, Mercury on the South Node ruling the sign of the twins on the cusp of their Fifth House also explains their evolution into a creative pop duo.

Venus in the Third House in Aries ruling their Taurus Sun seems to have worked excellently in honing their yodelling skills. With Mars conjunct Part of Fortune and Jupiter in the Ninth they clearly enjoy thrilling adventures like parasailing and luge sledding (as seen in Do Not Adjust Your Twinset). Without any other planets in Earth signs, their trademark down-to-earthiness seems to come from the Taurus Sun alone, which is however strongly personalized by its placement at the apex of both a yod and a t-square, thus forming the focal point in a cradle pattern (with the Jupiter-North Node midpoint). The Midheaven in the first degree of Scorpio, and the Moon's North Node conjunct it in the second degree, afford them an odd appearance or two (just look at the Ginghams and the Kens). With both Jupiter and Neptune conjunct this Nodal point at the top of the sky, the Topp Twins are artistes and entertainers who have tapped into the planets of comedy and creativity thus becoming cultural icons par excellence. The Topps Twins are truly tops: stellar Kiwis who have made the utmost of their stars!


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