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Dante's Cove

American LGBT TV Series
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Gemini Ascendant, Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Uranus MC


ASTRoDATA: 7 October 2005, 22:00 (10PM), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes data from news reports; the USA was the first place where the series was aired so I have used Oahu, Hawaii, where most of it was filmed. RR: B.
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Libra SUN (conjunct South Node); Sagittarius MOON-PLUTO (conjunct Descendant); Aquarius NEPTUNE (trine Sun; sextile Moon); Pisces URANUS (conjunct MC); Aries ERIS (conjunct North Node; opposite Sun; trine Moon). PATTERNS: CARDINAL T-SQUARE (Eris opposite Jupiter-Mercury, all square Chiron). MUTUAL RECEPTION: NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS; URANUS in PISCES. SHAPE: LOCOMOTIVE (Libra SUN leads). CHINESE SIGN: WOOD ROOSTER (COCK). NUMEROLOGY: "6" LIFEPATH.

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Abridged Wikipedia Entry [with Astrology notes by Sy Scholfield]

Dante's Cove is an American LGBT-oriented horror television show. The series airs on here!, a premium gay-oriented network.

Created by Michael Costanza and directed by Sam Irvin, Dante's Cove combines elements of the horror and soap opera genres in telling the story of Kevin (Gregory Michael) and Toby (Charlie David), a young couple seeking to be together and overcome the dark mystical forces that conspire to separate them [Pluto descending on the 7th cusp]. The show debuted in 2005 to a mixed critical reception [Uranus on MC indicates mixed reviews]. The third season ended on December 21, 2007. here! has confirmed that a fourth season will be in production in the fall of 2009.

The Religion of Tresum

Tresum is a supernatural religion within the Dante's Cove universe, specifically linked to witchcraft in the basest sense although practitioners do not generally refer to themselves as "witches." A new student to the art of Tresum is an Aspirant, while someone who oversees an entire sect is an Avatar. Tresum is divided into three Houses: Moon, Sun, and Sky. The Moon house is female energy and its symbol is water. The Sun house is male energy and its symbol is fire. The Sky house is the prophesied combined essence of both energies. [Angular luminaries (Sun on South Node; Moon on Descendant) both aspecting witchy Neptune in Aquarius in the supernatural 8th; Uranus (the "sky planet" on the MC, ruling Neptune]

The beliefs of Tresum are contained within a "Book of Tresum." Each House has its own version of the Book and each House interprets its teachings differently. At least one copy of the Moon version (formerly possessed by Van) and the Sun version (owned by Ambrosius) are known to be in Dante's Cove. A Book of the Sky also exists but nothing is known of its whereabouts or contents. To non-practitioners and to those unready to understand them, the pages appear to be written in a language that has been compared to hieroglyphics. As a Tresum practitioner increases his or her strength, or in some instances through interaction with the drug known as Saint, more of the book becomes readable. There are some pages within each book that remain unreadable to members of both Houses. It is believed that only a Sky Avatar will be able to read them. In the season three finale, "Naked in the Dark", the Sun and Moon books in Dante's Cove merge into a single volume readable by both Sun and Moon practitioners thus becomes the Sky Version. [Sun and Moon aspecting the "dissolving planet" Neptune in "sky sign" Aquarius].

There does not seem to be much difference in the powers of Tresum themselves, as far as it relates to the Moon House or the Sun House. Practitioners are able to manipulate energy to alter reality on a number of levels. Tresum witches have been shown performing a variety of feats, including teleporting themselves and others, engaging in mind control, scrying, causing the moon to appear to turn blue and, most sinister, killing with a look. ["power planet" Pluto in multi-functional Sagittarius].

Tresum is ruled over by a Council. Representatives of the Council are called "Emissaries", although it is as yet unclear whether the title refers to members of the Council or only to those who act on its behalf. The Council can make decrees regarding the practice of Tresum and Emissaries can call upon both the power of the Sun and the Moon to enforce them. The Tresum Council considers the practitioners in Dante's Cove to be "rogue" while Grace derides the Council for being timid. The makeup of the Council is unknown, as is how or if the Council is affiliated with the Houses of Tresum. [Chiron in officious Capricorn in the 8th house represents the council].

A previously unknown House, the House of Shadows, emerged as a threat in the show's third season. The House is described as an "ancient evil" that was "imprisoned" centuries ago by Tresum practitioners. [Uranus on the MC indicates plenty more surprises in store].

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