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DATA: DATE = 31st March 1997. TIME = 10:00 (10AM) WEDT/GDT (1he). PLACE = London, UK (51n30, 0w10). RR = B. (Times 31 March 1997: BBC2).
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: MARS (conjunct Base, disposits Sun), PLUTO (semi-sextile Moon, trine Sun), MOON (conjunct Descendant, square Sun), VENUS (conjunct Sun, square Moon), SATURN (conjunct Sun, square Moon). PATTERNS: T-SQUARE (Chiron opposite Mercury, both square Neptune/Uranus), TRIPLE ARIES CONJUNCTION (Venus, Saturn, Sun). FINAL DISPOSITOR: URANUS in AQUARIUS. UNASPECTED: MARS. SHAPE: LOCOMOTIVE (unaspected Mars in Virgo in 3rd house leads). CHINESE SIGN = FIRE OX.

The Teletubbies are four brightly (rainbow) coloured characters -- Tinky-Winky (purple), Dipsy (green), Laa-Laa (yellow) & Po (red) -- that live in a fantasy world linked to reality (Neptune quincunx the Ascendant).

The quaint and colourful Teletubbies have Queer Uranus in Aquarius acting as final dispositor in their chart (in the 8th house of sexuality of all places!). The chain of disposition goes like this: Uranus (in its own sign, Aquarius) disposits Jupiter (in Aquarius) which disposits Pluto (in Sagittarius) which disposits Chiron (in Scorpio) which disposits the North Node & Mars (in Virgo), with Mars dispositing Venus, Saturn, Sun & Mercury (all in Aries). Saturn then disposits the Moon & Neptune (both in Capricorn), with Neptune dispositing the South Node (in Pisces). As final dispositor Uranus colours the show (which is about television itself) with its tele-visionary effects, and with the Uranus discovery degree (24 Gemini) rising on the Ascendant, the Teletubbies have an especially queer semblance. Their odd look/s are even more compounded by the inverted South-North Node axis on the Midheaven-Base angles.

Neptune (the fantasy and propaganda planet associated with the colour purple) that rules the Pisces midheaven from the 8th (house of sexuality) squares both of the transgender planets, Mercury and Chiron (rulers of the Ascendant and Base), so no surprises that lavender Tinky-Winky (the handbag-carrier and occasional skirt-wearer) has been read from the outset as a character that projects a special trans-homo-sensibility. In the February 1999 issue of the National Liberty Journal, U.S. evangelist (and killjoy) Jerry Falwell criticised Tinky-Winky for promoting homosexuality:

The character, whose voice is obviously that of a boy, has been found carrying a red purse in many episodes and has become a favorite character among gay groups worldwide. Now, further evidence that the creators of the series intend for Tinky Winky to be a gay role model have surfaced. He is purple -- the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle -- the gay-pride symbol.
Yes!! So, What??!! Neptune (The Tinky-Winky planet) makes a Grand Trine (purple triangle?!) with the 4th and 12th house cusps, and conjuncts Uranus (the queer planet signified by an antenna-symbol)!! Oh, Puhleese! If we took all the Tinky-Winkys out of children's television it would not only be a very str8 world for them, but also an extremely boring one!

With Mars unaspected (not making any planetary interconnections) and the Moon on the Descendant, the world of the Teletubbies is not only a rather un-masculine one overall, but one that has attracted ridiculous attacks like that of Falwell. And yet this isolated Mars pushes a locomotive shape that has garnered the show enormous popularity. Unaspected Mars also disposits the triple Venus/Saturn/Sun conjunction in phallic Aries: curiously Falwell has had nothing to say about the cute elephant-trunked vacuum, Noo-Noo!!.

In 2001, as queer Uranus made an unsettling quincunx aspect to that unaspected Mars, Pui Fan Lee (who plays Po, the red Teletubbie most suggestive of scarlet Mars) was outed as one of the actors enjoying graphic lesbian sex on British TV show, Metrosexuality. Don't tell Laa-Laa!

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Tinky Winky in Skirt

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