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Dyke March to the White House

"the largest lesbian event in the history of the world" – Sarah Schulman
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Libra Ascendant, Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, Mars on the Midheaven


ASTRoDATA: 24 April 1993, 19:00 (7PM) EDT (4hW), Washington, DC, USA (77W02, 38N54). Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes date and place from newspaper article (Washington Post, 25 April 1993, p. 1) and time from Sarah Schulman's My American History. RR: B.
FEATURES: PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Scorpio PLUTO (conjunct Part of Fortune), Capricorn NEPTUNE & URANUS (conjunct Nadir), Aries VENUS (sextile Moon, dispositing Taurus Sun), Gemini MOON (conjunct South Node), Cancer MARS (conjunct Zenith, square Sun), Libra JUPITER (quincunx Sun, trine Moon). PATTERNS: GRAND TRINE (Pluto, Venus, Mars), WEDGE (Mars, Pluto, Neptune-Uranus), WEDGE (Jupiter, Venus-Mercury, Moon). SHAPE: SPLAY. CHINESE SIGN: WATER ROOSTER. NUMEROLOGY: "5" LIFEPATH.
According to Lesbian Avenger co-founder Sarah Schulman, "It was at the 1993 March on Washington that the Avengers and ACT-UP Women’s Network created the first Dyke March -- with 20,000 women, marching together with no permit. These participants brought the marches home to their cities and countries and created a new tradition."

DC's chapter [of the Lesbian Avengers] was instrumental in organizing the first DykeMarch on April 24, 1993. The march, without a permit (a tactic which has become a tradition), drew 20,000 women who set off from Dupont Circle [in Washington, DC] to march through the neighborhood and up to Meridian Hill. [From "The Lesbian Avengers - DC" by The Rainbow History Project].


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