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Sarah Schulman

Author & Playwright, Political Activist, ACT-uP Member, Co-founder of the Lesbian Avengers, Co-organizer of the Dyke March to the White House
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Aquarius Ascendant, Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Chiron Rising

Sarah Schulman's astro-chart

AstroData: Sarah Miriam Schulman, 28 July 1958, 20:45 (8:45PM) EDT (4hW), New York City, NY, USA (74w00.40n43). Sy Scholfield [copyright]) quotes data from Schulman by email, 18 October 2004. RR: A.
PERSONALIZED PLANETS: Aquarius CHIRON (conjunct Ascendant), Taurus MARS (conjunct South Node), Leo URANUS (rules Ascendant, conjunct Descendant & Sun, quincunx Moon), Libra JUPITER & Scorpio NEPTUNE (conjunct North Node), SAPPHO (conjunct MC). PATTERNS: T-SQUARE (Neptune opposite Mars, both square Sun & Uranus), WEDGE (Neptune, Mars, Venus), WEDGE (Chiron, Uranus, Saturn), WEDGE (Neptune, Mars, Pluto-Mercury). SHAPE: SPLAY. CHINESE SIGN: EARTH DOG. NUMEROLOGY: "22" LIFEPATH.

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Sarah Schulman

© 2004+
all rights reserved in all media

Sy Scholfield


Sarah Miriam Schulman (born July 28, 1958, in New York City) is an American novelist, historian and playwright. An early chronicler of the AIDS crisis, she was one of the first to write on AIDS and social issues, publishing in The Village Voice in the early 1980s,[citation needed] and writing the first piece on AIDS and the homeless, which appeared in The Nation.[citation needed]

Sarah Schulman is the author of twelve published works: nine novels, two nonfiction books, and a play.

Schulman's early novels were set in the artistic, bohemian, lesbian subculture of the Lower East Side of Manhattan.[citation needed] Books such as The Sophie Horowitz Story, Girls, Visions and Everything were published by small presses.[citation needed] After Delores was published by E. P. Dutton in 1988, and received a favorable review in The New York Times,[1], was translated into 8 languages, and was awarded a American Library Association Stonewall Book Award in 1989.[2]

Schulman's subsequent novel, 1990's People in Trouble described the life of AIDS activists.[citation needed] In 1992, Empathy was released, an experimental novel about lesbian existence. The 1995 novel Rat Bohemia was listed as one of the 100 best lesbian and gay novels by The Publishing Triangle.[citation needed] Her 1998 historical novel, Shimmer was set in New York City during the McCarthy era features a black male protagonist and a white lesbian protagonist.

Her two nonfiction books are: My American History: Lesbian and Gay Life During The Reagan/Bush Years (Routledge, 1995) - a collection of journalism that begins before Reagan's election in 1980 and provides on-going coverage as the AIDS crisis began, includes some very rare information about the early days of the AIDS crisis, which Schulman covered for a range of newspapers and magazines.

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Sarah Schulman's Writings